26 June 2014

Potpourri for $500- Wave 4 is in stock at MM, Down with tha Sickness

Wave 4 In Stock!
So as you may have noticed from the ad graphics change, or maybe because you follow me on G+ and/ or Twitter, Miniature Market is now shipping the new Wave 4 ships! So if you missed out on your fighter of choice at Imdaar Alpha like I did, now's your chance to get some new stuff on the table! 

Down with tha Sickness
And no, I don't have World Cup-itis (though I have been following, of course), I really have been like incredibly sick the past 17 days. Long story short, I had an upper respiratory infection that was antibiotic-resistant which changed into an ear infection in both of my ears. In addition the usual coughing, sore throat, and snot problems, I also lost a lot of my hearing from all the sinus congestion and was in a pretty good deal of pain from all the pressure built up in and around my ear parts or whatever. Good news is I'm on some really hardcore antibiotics now. Bad news is my hearing may still take a couple of weeks to resolve. 

Anyhizzle, it's hard to write while you feel like Khan put those worms in your ears and my energy has been pretty low lately as my body fights the infection, so I've been neglecting the site as a result. With any luck, that changes very soon as it seems the new antibiotics are already starting to work. Thanks as always for being patient and thanks to the handful of y'all who emailed to check on me! I should have something up tomorrow one way or another. 


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