13 May 2014

Potpourri for $500- Tantive IV Now Shipping, Wave 4 Rumors, Jim's Asteroids!

Just a couple of items here in a short update.

First, I got a few anonymous emails over the weekend regarding the release of the Tantive IV and Wave 4 Expansions. The emails said the Tantive would be shipping towards the end of this week and that the Wave 4 ships would be shipping around the middle to end of June.

One of those predictions has already come true. The Tantive IV is now shipping and is slated to be in stores for my wife's birthday, 22 May. Now, if you don't mind paying full price, but potentially getting your hands on the ship a few days early, you might keep an eye on your local Barnes and Noble. You may recall they put the GR-75 on their shelves a few days earlier than the actual street release date. Of course, if you'd rather save nearly $30 off the retail price, now would be a great time to pre-order from Miniature Market!

Will the second part come true about Wave 4 ships being in stores by the end of June? Could happen. I mean look- they're giving some away at the Imdaar Alpha events that are being held at the end of this month, so it's not like they're nowhere in sight, y'know?

Pure conjecture here, but I could see FFG wanting there to be less of a delay between Imdaar and the actual release than the other time around with the Kessel Run (Dec) and the Wave 2 release (March). Lots of folks hit multiple tournaments and some of the folks that won turned around and sold their ships on Ebay, which seemed to hack off a lot of the community at worst and divide it on whether or not that was acceptable and ethical behavior at best.

Either way, I'm inclined to believe in the projected release date this time.

Lastly, I got an email from an aficionado named Jim showing off some 3D asteroids he'd made awhile back. He mentioned in his email that when he went to pick some up at one of the big chain home improvement stores, he was dismayed to find out they only sold them in 50 pound bags, which was, of course, way more than what he needed. Well, as it turns out, Jim tells them he only needs a handful for "an art project" and they let him walk out with them free of charge!

So those of you who haven't gotten around to making your asteroids yet (and don't forget- there's a great howto that Flocky from Australia sent to me awhile back here), you might try the Jim Acquisition Method for yourself. I like his swanky blue bases and stands too.


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