16 May 2014

Potpourri for $500- Scenario Contest, Fab's Now in Portugeuse, Crew Member Han, Crew Member Leia Leaked!

Scenario Contest Update

So I apologize but I'm still reading through the entries for the Scenario Contest. I'd really hoped to reveal the winner today, but it's been a busy week and I just haven't found the time to finish going through the scenarios. I ended up getting quite a few on Sunday just before the deadline and we ended up having about 30 folks enter, which much like the painting contest, doesn't necessarily mean we only got 30 entries- some folks sent multiples. 

Anyway, let me see what I can get through over the weekend and hopefully Monday I'll not only announce the winners, but also have the entries available for download. 

Fab's Squadron Generator Now in Portuguese!

Yup, so the French Connection has been at it again. Now Fab's Squadron Generator is available in Portuguese! He's also added the leaked info on the Phantom as well as all of the cards from the Transport. Fab's also got a new mode for his software that lets you run what used to be the separate Manual and Random modes as a single version now in addition to including ship maneuvers alongside the selected ship's pilot information. Last but not least, Fab added in a Play mode that allows you to build squadrons for Epic and Escalation. Pretty sweet, huh? Thanks Fab for all of your hard work! Fab's can be found here or over there in the right sidebar o' links under Listbuilders and Whatnot. 

Crew Member Han and Crew Member Leia Leaked!

An aficionado sent me some leaked info on the Crew Member Han and Crew Member Leia cards that'll be included with the Tantive IV Expansion. I'm always hesitant to run pictures of things I didn't take myself or that you guys took yourself and give me permission to use, or that is available as reasonable free use (i.e. images from the FFG site, the models themselves, my cats, etc.), so I'm not going to post pics of the cards themselves, but I will tell you what they do. 

Crew Member Han Solo
Rebel Only (of course)
2 points
When Attacking, if you have a Target Lock on the Defender, you may spend that Target Lock to change all of your <Focus> results to <filled explosion> results. 

Crew Member Leia Organa
Rebel Only
4 points
At the start of the Activation Phase, you may discard this card to allow all friendly ships that reveal a red maneuver to treat that maneuver as a white maneuver until the end of the phase. 

So there ya go. An olive branch for not finding time to get through the Scenario Contest entries. Have a good weekend, y'all! 

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