23 May 2014

Miniature Market and TMB Scenario Writing Contest 2014- THE RESULTS!

First, sorry this took so long, but we had more entries than I'd thought, so it took awhile for me to really go through them all (which was a nice problem to have, by the way). Much like the painting contest, it was really difficult trying to pare down the entries and whatnot as there were 6-8 I thought were really pretty strong. There were all kinds of entries for this thing (27 or 28 total as I recall)- a lot of Extended Universe referencing (Disney be damned), a lot of asteroid chases and movements, some comedy, some drama, you name it. As that Highlander guy said though, "There can be only one", or in this case, three. So without further adieu- 

3rd Place
Shuttle Shell Game by Jonathan Chapman

I like this entry because it introduces a relatively simple mechanic (hidden crew members) that really changes the strategy for both the Imperial and Rebel player without introducing a ton of new rules and whatnot. Is rating this scenario as highly as I did extremely subjective? Yes, absolutely. That said, I think a lot of folks would enjoy this scenario because it's different enough from regular X-Wing Miniatures dogfight games that it'd feel like something different without totally changing everything up and making it inaccessible to the average casual gamer. Nice job Jonathan!

2nd Place
The Guide by Chromatic

I can't remember if I've ever made a Hitchhiker's Guide joke on here or not- I'm guessing I've probably made one or two in the past 300+ posts, but I don't think it's like terribly obvious that I'm a Douglas Adams fan. I am though. I read all five books in the trilogy as well as two of the Dirk Gently books, so when I read Chromatic's entry in the contest, it definitely brought a smile to my face. 

Surprisingly detailed and well presented, and at the end of the day it's actually more of a campaign than just a scenario as it includes the rules and whatnot for five different missions (see the connection there? Huh? Huh?), it's really, really good stuff y'all. Those of you who have not read the late, great, Mr. Adams' books would still enjoy playing the scenarios, but if you actually have read his stuff, you'll like them even more. Brilliant work, Chromatic! Thanks for sharing it with the class!

1st Place
Dogfight Barfight by Tailsgod

I honestly can't tell you if Tailsgod wrote Dogfight Barfight with me and TMB in mind, but I will say this- I had an idea for a series of linked scenarios last summer that I still haven't found the time to complete, but I have some notes saved in my GDrive regarding three or four different scenarios. 

When I read Dogfight Barfight, for a moment, I thought I was reading one of those files. Obviously, I wasn't- Tailsgod just happened to tap into a similar muse regarding bars, booze, and uh, buh-starfighters. B-Wings? Blasters? Nah, I'ma stick with buh-starfighters.

It's got a drunk pilot game mechanic for Christ's sake. I mean, how could I not pick this as the winner? 

Thanks again for everyone who took the time to enter the contest, and thanks as always to Miniature Market for being the coolest sponsor ever!

I'll go through the rest of the entries, make them fit for sharing across the internet (translation- delete people's real names and street addresses from their entries), and share them so y'all can enjoy. For now, see how the titles are links? If you click on them, they should take you to that particular entry so y'all can enjoy the winners right now and the rest when I have a chance to go through them. 

Winners- I'll forward your addresses on to Miniature Market. Chromatic- email me your choice of an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter Expansion when you get a chance. 


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