05 May 2014

Miniature Market and TheMetalBikini.com's Scenario Writing Contest!

Hey y'all!

So, remember how we did the Miniature Market and TheMetalBikini painting contest awhile back because I wanted to feature a bunch of cool custom painted ships on the site?

Weeeellllllllll, I've wanted more scenarios on the site for a long time, so when MM contacted me about running another contest, I figured I'd see if I could get lightning to strike twice!

Short Version
(Details below)

Miniature Market and TMB Scenario Writing Contest
1st Prize- GR-75 Transport Expansion from MiniatureMarket.com
2nd Prize- A TIE Fighter or X-Wing Expansion of your choice from MiniatureMarket.com
3rd Prize- A set of X-Wing Miniatures Dice from MiniatureMarket.com!

Deadline- 11:59pm, Central Daylight Time, Sunday May 11 2014

Entry Guidelines-
1) Your scenario needs to be something you've written, preferably all by yourself, but if you and a buddy teamed up on it, one of you needs to decide who's going to take the actual credit for it and send it in to me. Needless to say, this person will be the guy who wins the prize if you're selected. Please include your name, the name you'd like to be referred to (i.e. your internet handle, gamer tag, nickname, whatever), the name of your scenario, your physical address, and your email address.

2) I'm just going to come right out and say it- there's no real way for me to police this. I can threaten you with Googling some random sentences from your scenario in an effort to try and root out instances of plagiarism or theft, but that's not foolproof by any means and hey, it's entirely possible that you and I both might have thought of the same idea for a Beer Run, Part 1 scenario legitimately separately. Please, please, please, don't steal your entry. That said, on the off chance I can somehow conclusively prove your stole your entry, it should go without saying that it will be rejected.

3) I can really only read English. Sure, I can drop your stuff into Google Translate or whatever, but hey- so can you! And since I'm the conduit to the prizes, you have to enter in my language. Note, I will accept those weird Canadian/ UK spellings of stuff like "favourite" or "armour" or "football." :)

4) When sending your entry, PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS A PDF. It should be easy enough for anyone to produce a PDF copy of their writing these days- if nothing else, most word processing (not to mention browsers) have a built-in PDF printer option. Just do that. I'm saying this with peace and love- no submissions in the body of your email or in formats other than PDF.

5) You can make your entry as elaborate or as basic as you want, but I'm going to judge primarily on the originality of the scenario premise, balance/ fairness from a gameplay standpoint, clarity of instruction, and yeah- production value (i.e. you made a map of setup, custom tokens or counters, interesting flavor text, original artwork, etc.)

Sidenote- Go as nuts here as you want. Everyone is always talking about a third faction or Black Sun or Pirates or whatever, right? Well here's your chance to play that! Want to make a funny scenario about a bunch of thirsty pilots racing to their favorite pilot bar, the hippest joint in the galaxy? Do it. Figure out how to do a five-player free for all? Write it up. While there's nothing wrong with staying true to the Empire and Rebellion, you know what a sucker I am for cool, original ideas.

6) As I'm (probably very foolishly) using my usual email address for this contest,please make the subject of your entry email, "TMB and MM Scenario Contest" so I can keep my own personal email at least halfway organized. Your PDF scenario should be attached to this email. Again- please don't send your scenario entry as inline text.

Other Information:
While I will absolutely credit you for your scenario, it will become property of TMB so I can post them for use by the larger X-Wing community as a whole.

EDIT: +Jeff Wilder pointed out in the comments below that this was kind of a strange request, so let me take a second to clarify the statement- I don't want your copyright, I just want your permission for posting it here on the Bikini and leaving it up forever so folks can use it in their games. If you send me a scenario, this is you agreeing to let me post it on here.

I'll be picking the winning entries as usual, though I'll likely consult with a cadre of folks whose opinions I value in the event of a tie or other tough decisions need to be made.

If you'd like to enter multiple scenarios, feel free. Just be sure that each entry is it's own separate PDF file. And don't over do it. Remember- each of these scenarios will be posted here on TMB. If you're just writing scenarios to try and increase your odds at winning a prize, it'll probably show through in your writing. 

If you'd like to enter an entire campaign, that's cool too, but please send campaigns as a whole- that is a single PDF file unless you feel as though the scenarios making up the campaign can stand on their own individually, in which case, you're more than welcome to submit them individually. My fear is that somebody is going to send me "Mission 4- Back to the Front" and I'll have no idea what's going on because I didn't see Missions 1-3, you know what I'm saying? 

As stated before, I'm not a lawyer or anything, these rules may change if necessary. If they do, this article will be updated accordingly.

Lastly, if you didn't follow the rules posted, your submission will be rejected immediately so please, please, please pay attention. If you get in a hurry and realized you screwed up your entry, just send me the whole thing, pics and all, over again rather than send me an email saying, "Oh hey- I forgot to put my address on my entry, here it is."

1st Place- A GR-75 Transport Expansion from Miniature Market
2nd Place- A TIE Fighter Expansion or X-Wing Expansion (your choice) from Miniature Market
3rd Place- A set of X-Wing Miniatures Dice from Miniature Market.

Deadline for entry is midnight on Monday, May 11 2014. The deadline is now 11:59 this Sunday evening which is 11 May 14. I'll post the winning entry probably that Friday as it'll take me several days to go through everything. 

Send your entries to my usual email address here- cidmcdp@gmail.com.

Thanks again to Miniature Market for sponsoring another contest for TheMetalBikini.com!

Good luck and may the force be with ya!

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