08 April 2014

Where Do You Play X-Wing Miniatures?

As I'm sure many of y'all know, last Saturday was International Table Top Day. While I wasn't lucky enough to get to play in a sort-of on again, off again, league day/ tournament sort of thing at my local FLGS, I did manage to get over there to play a game against a guy named Cliff who I've not played in ages.

We had a good game and spent a lot of time sort of catching up and stuff. I've talked on here before about the origins of TMB and Cliff was sort of there through that. TL;DR version is BC suggested I start writing X-Wing Miniatures content around the same time that Cliff started talking about writing some X-Wing content for the local FLGS website/ Facebook/ whatever to drum up some interest in the game, but they kind of hee hawed around with approving the idea, and while Cliff waited on them to figure out if they were going to set up a messageboard where we'd post up articles and tips and stuff or if they were going to go with kind of a blog format, after about a month of no forward progress I said piss on it and started the Bikini on my own.

So while we were talking, he wondered aloud why more people weren't playing X-Wing. I told him I'd heard from Larry at BoLS that X-Wing was second only to 40k in some recent miniatures gaming retailer poll/ sales figures/ something like that. He seemed shocked by this and I told him about all y'all and the painting contest, the traffic the site gets from all over the world, and he seemed very surprised to hear about how big X-Wing is because nobody plays it at the store anymore.

Another TL;DR segue, it's always been my opinion that because you don't need a lot of table space and scenery to play X-Wing compared to a game like 40k, Fantasy, Warmahordes, Malifaux, etc., that many folks play X-Wing at home or at a friend's house. I think folks play in a store for tournaments and leagues and stuff, but as X-Wing is sort of casual by default, not to mention that it's sold in places outside of gaming stores, that it's less likely to be played in FLGS type stores.

I told him that was all conjecture just based primarily on my own experiences, feelings, and observations, but it was an assumption I was pretty comfortable making. Of course, shortly thereafter it occurred to me that there was no reason to leave this discussion in conjecture land since I have thousands of y'all stopping by relatively often, so I figured I might as well ask instead of assuming.

I'm curious to hear y'all's thoughts on this- and by hearing your thoughts on the subject, I mean I'm most interested in hearing is:

Where do you play X-Wing?

Your house? Your FLGS? A friend's place? A commons area/ quad at school? Work? Pub? Floor of Barnes and Noble? Online via VASSAL? Online via Hangouts/ Skype/ whatever? Back of a McDonalds? Push a couple of tables together at Denny's and go nuts? Other? Where do you play?

Follow up question- where do you wish you could play X-Wing? Now, I don't mean on that funky space chess table in the Falcon (although I did draw up a table like that in AutoCAD back a year ago or so with every intent in the world in making it a super fancy X-Wing table) or at the top of K2 or whatever- what I mean by that is are you happy playing where you're playing or do you wish you had a better or different place? Would you like to be able to play it at your FLGS but it's not supported or do you wish you had a better setup at your own house/ apartment/ adobe?  Do you wish you could throw down in a real bar somewhere over some pints or are you just happy playing it wherever you're playing it?

Sidenote- Cliff and I are going to try to get a little group together here in the next couple of months to play on what's likely going to be Thursday evenings at one of the FLGS in or around Evansville, IN. If you live around here and you've not introduced yourself to me via email or whatever, please drop me a line and we'll see if we can't mobilize some of the X-Wing community around the Evansville area into doing some kind of league or campaign or something cool like that.

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