08 April 2014

Slight Change to TMB.com's Archives Format

So I really am trying to come up with better ways to organize the info on the site. I know this will sound like a lazy cop-out, and well, frankly, it sort of is a lazy cop-out, but I never really thought this blog was going to turn into what it has become. As such, I didn't put a lot of forethought into how to arrange, categorize, or catalog the articles on here and it's become a complete mess.

While I still need to do some fairly heavy lifting in the section headings pages, I have made one small change that I think will be fairly beneficial in the interim- the articles displayed under the Archives heading there just to the left of the small Miniature Market sidebar ad are now classed by month rather than by week. Doesn't sound like much, but it should eliminate a lot of redundant clicking while you browse through the articles by title.

Bear in mind too that Search box just above the Archives is a search specifically for content TMB.com and it really does work pretty well.

Long story short, if you know about when I talked about something, the Archives are probably your fastest route. If you have no idea when I discussed a particular topic or just want to see if I've said anything about a particular topic, give the search box a try.


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