30 April 2014

Potpourri for $500- Clarification, GR-75s Inbound, Fab's Squadron Generator Update, Demo Game


Hey y'all! 

Apologies again for having to go AWOL on ya the past week or so. Long story short, I'm working the weekend shift at my work now which (usually) consists of working three 12-hour shifts Saturday, Sunday, and either Monday or Friday. This past weekend though, because of the way the pay period start and end dates fell (yeah, I'm back to being an hourly employee), I had to work four 12s instead of just three which further pushed back any real work on the site here. 

I also wanted to clarify something real quick- nobody gives me a hard time for not writing or whatever. That's just my own internal criticism and whatnot. My goal is to update each week day, which of course I rarely seem to be able to do with any regularity anymore, or barring that, at least three times during the week. Again, that's just me talking. The site is still just me writing stuff on my Chromebook- there's no corporate holding company that owns me or the site, there's no demanding sponsor, or whatever. I see the traffic stats and know that people are stopping by, so naturally I feel a little guilty when they do and there's nothing new to see. 

As always, thanks for being understanding and now that my work schedule should be a little bit settled down now, here's hoping I get more chances to write. 

That out of the way, let's talk a little X-Wing!  

GR-75s Inbound!

Many of y'all have been emailing me the past couple of days either telling me you've had a chance to pick up your Transport or that you've seen them on shelves different places. I got an email from UPS earlier saying mine is on the way from Miniature Market. I hope to have it tomorrow or Thursday. If you didn't order or pre-order and your store doesn't have them yet, you might check your nearest Barnes and Noble. I've gotten multiple emails from y'all saying they've had them on shelves. A couple of readers even said they had them out for sale last Saturday. 

I saw on my G+ feed earlier a store had shared a story about them having GR-75s for sale and they worded it something like, "Jek Porkins Expansion with free GR-75 now in stock!" That cracked me up and I had to mention it. 

Early reviews from the guys who have emailed me have been very positive. Everyone likes the detail on the miniatures and folks say in-game it's a lot of fun to play with. To be honest, I didn't hear much about playing against it, but playing with it on your team sounds like it's been good times. 

Fab's Squadron Generator Update!

Our man in France Fab has been at it again with his Squadron Builder. Remember when he asked me to post on here about getting help translating his Squadron Builder stuff into German, Spanish, and Italian? Well, it appears to still be paying off. I got a couple of emails from Fab last weekend! First, he was contacted by an individual named Toudi (probably not the chick from Facts of Life, but you never know) about a Polish Translation, then the next day he emailed me to say that a guy named Jorge had completed a fully Spanish version

I don't know if it's people using Google Translate or Babelfish or whatever, but you'd be surprised the amount of non-English traffic TheMetalBikini.com receives on a daily basis. Or at least I was surprised. I have to say, I'm super curious what these folks think when they read some of my trademark digressions or old school rap-isms, but unfortunately as a lazy, ignorant Yank I only really speak one language. Like I wonder if there are dudes running around Portugal dropping science on each other in Portuguese then saying, "Ya dig?" In any case, if you're from a place that speaks Polish or Spanish (or German or English), Fab's got you covered! 

Demo Game at The Gaming Guild

+Clifford Holm has been doing some X-Wing Miniatures demos around Evansville, Indiana recently. Unfortunately, I missed the first two, but the third (and at the time of writing, final) demo is taking place this Thursday evening at The Gaming Guild here in Evansville, Indiana. Unless something truly catastrophic goes down, I'm going to be in attendance for this one dropping science and perhaps even some TheMetalBikini.com stickers on the lucky folks who attend. Cliff tells me the shenanigans are supposed to start at 6pm. If you're free and in the area, stop by and say hi. He's also organizing a big game for the May 4th deal at Comic Quest, which unfortunately I'll not be able to attend and is also looking for carpool buddies to hit up an Imdaar Alpha event around here somewhere. If you're interested in either of those, contact him or email me and I'll pass along your question if you'd rather do it that way. 


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