07 April 2014

Painting Contest Entries Now Available for Viewing!

So it's taking a little more legwork than I'd planned to get the Painting Contest entries posted in a better format, but until then, here's a link to the GDrive folder that should allow any of y'all to open it (although you might need to be logged into Google for it to work, or maybe not- I'm not entirely sure as I'm kinda always logged in).

In any case, if you can manage to get the link to work, you should see a folder view with smaller, preview pics that you can then click on to see the full size.

I think it goes without saying, but these are pretty good sized files we're talking about here, so be careful if you're on a data plan.

Oh and the filenames are just nonsense. I had originally tagged each entry with the entrant's name so I knew who I needed to get in touch with if they won something, but when I shared it and saw the names were still showing, I figured I'd better change them. I didn't get through all of them on my lunch hour, but I don't think anybody's first and last names are actually visible currently. In any case, tonight I'll go through and randomize the rest of them.

Thanks again everyone for participating and thanks again to MiniatureMarket.com for sponsoring the contest!

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