17 April 2014

Just The FAQs Ma'am- FAQ v 2.0.1

As I said on G+, I'd hoped to update TMB with this article night before last, which means it would have shown up yesterday, but long story short- I fell asleep on the couch.

I actually woke up a couple of times, early enough that I could have written the update, but unlike the previous FAQ and Tournament Rules updates, this wasn't some deal where I'd scan through the pink text, think to myself, "Oh, well that's different" or whatever, then talk about it a little bit. No aficionados, these were actually pretty significant changes and I didn't want to half-ass it or get a bunch of it wrong or whatever, so I really wanted to take some time and read through what all was changing before I wrote about it on here.

Before I jump into this, I want to mention something really quickly- I know that a lot of y'all are casual X-Wing players, and by casual I mean that you probably primarily play against your buddies in non-tournament settings the va-ha-ha-hast majority of the time. I get that. That being said, don't just tune this stuff out as tournament talk or un-fun rules discussion or whatever. Give this stuff at least a passing glance to be sure you're on the same page as the rest of the world and who knows? You might even come up with some new ideas to try out as the result of reading the latest incarnation of the FAQ. FFG has put a lot of work into updating this game and at least trying to address some of the larger rules issues and conflicts since the game dropped, so at least give them your attention for the time it takes to give this document a solid read through. Trust me. 40k players would kill to have FAQs as well done and regularly released as X-Wing's FAQs.

And for God's sake- if you're planning on running some kind of event- homebrewed, sanctioned tournament, Assault at Imdaar Alpha, whatever- read through this and get your head around it before the dice start flying and people start to get frustrated, aiight?

First and probably most obviously, the format of the FAQ itself has changed. Gone are the walls of text and added in are pics of the cards the FAQ is addressing. It's pretty nice and while it maybe wasn't entirely necessary, it does perhaps make it easier to reference your opponent's cards to see if he's playing them right or not. They've also gone through and simplified a lot of the card text wording in various places to make the text easier to understand and apply.

Secondly, all of the special rules cards (the 0 Maneuver, Ion Weapons, Boost, Large Ships, etc.) are now covered in the FAQ, so that's nice for folks with small collections or for folks who don't bring every single thing they own with them to a tournament. It makes things even simpler for TOs who don't have to track all of that stuff anymore.

Maybe the most significant portion is Section 3- Rule Clarifications. There's a lot of stuff in here that wasn't formally covered before. I don't know that any of it is really news to most folks who play X-Wing competitively or keep up with stuff on the various messageboards, but it's there should you need it and actually does a fairly solid job of addressing a lot of the little things like timing issues. Ironically, had this version of the FAQ always been around, there probably wouldn't have been much need for a TMB.com.

As for things that actually got FAQed- there's really only one pink text in the new edition of the FAQ.

Colonel Jendon
If you were one of those people who said that ships that didn't have Target Lock as an available Action couldn't be the recipient of Jendon's Blue Target Lock giveaway card text, turns out you were wrong. They can, no probs.

Long story long, not a lot has actually changed or been ruled on for this edition of the FAQ, but the layout is quite different and the change is most definitely for the better. I daresay we've kind of gotten X-Wing Miniatures version 1.5 for free here. And yeah, the FAQ is still comprehensively cumulative- you don't need to go and try to scare up old versions of the FAQ to get all of the info: the most recent version has everything you need.

As was the case last FAQ update, FFG has gone to an absolute value type web address for the X-Wing FAQ, so you don't need to update your bookmarks and I didn't need to update my link in the right hand sidebar over there. It's the same address as before.

That's it. I'll holla about the new Tournament Rules stuff tomorrow (Friday).

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