27 March 2014

The Painting Contest is Officially Over!

Put down the brushes and the cameras everyone- the first ever TMB and Miniature Market X-Wing Miniatures Painting Contest has come to a close officially as of now. 

Wow, y'all.

I never really know when something like this is going to resonate with you guys, but the amount of entries I got for the painting contest really surprised me! I haven't actually gone through and counted them yet, but I got emails from about 50 different people and many of you submitted more than one entry. Just guessing, I'd say I ended up with around 75 entries or so!

No update today other than this while I go through all of your pics and begin the arduous process of trying to pick out the winners!

Thanks again for all of y'all who took the time and went to the trouble of entering. Once again- all of your submissions will end up here on the site in a gallery I'll throw up in the Arts and (Space)Crafts section in the next few days.

And kudos to all of you for being good sports and not attempting to bribe me with a FC Barcelona themed entry in honor of their amazing win this past Sunday over Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Why? Well, because-

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow (Friday) to see what ships got first, second, and third! Thanks again for playing!

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