17 March 2014

I'll Take Potpourri for $500, Alex

Several things I want to talk about, but none of them are really meaty enough to have their own articles, so here we go-

Imperial Aces are in (some) stores!
I got emails from several of y'all that your FLGS already have the Imperial Aces on sale. I think today (magic of Blogger scheduling) is actually the release date, but in any case, if you didn't pre-order your Aces, they're likely out there in your store!

And no, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go try to find any around me. I spent the little time I had Saturday redoing my resume and getting letters of reference and stuff organized for a couple of jobs I'm putting in for. I do plan on stopping by my FLGS on the way home from work today though.

U.S. Regionals info announced!
Apologies to the rest of the world, but FFG has revealed the Regionals locations for the U.S. As I'm sure y'all recall from my earlier post regarding changes to last year's Organized Play Regionals and stuff, there are waaaay less Regionals this year than before and they only sure-fire way you're going to get to play in one is to win your Store Championship. 

You'll notice there are only 16 locations for Regionals listed on the link. I went back and re-read my article and the original FFG article regarding the changes to the OP format and unless some venue has to cancel, I think this is the final list. 

I was going to do a little light-hearted complaining about how far I'd have to drive to check out a Regional, but looking around the map in relation to the venues selected, I'm keeping my mouth shut. And let me just say I feel for y'all Region 7 folks from DC area- holy mackerel- y'all got a trip on your hands. 

FFG is running ship articles now
I also ran across a couple of articles FFG is running regarding strategy and whatnot concerning the A-Wing and the Lambda Shuttle. The A-Wing article I think covers the same ground that most of y'all have seen before (and is probably going to get turned on its head very soon by Opportunistic A-Wings, right Jan?) but I found the Lambda article informative and insightful so I'd recommend y'all check that one out for sure if you have as much trouble operating a Shuttle as I do. 

And yes, I'm jealous they haven't asked me to write anything for them yet. And yes again, by including those links I'm trying to drive a bunch of traffic to their site in hopes they ask me to write something for them in the future. Lord knows I won't get to write one based on my Win-Loss record. :)