11 March 2014

Holy Mackerel, It's The Assault at Imdaar Alpha!

Not so long ago, in an FLGS not far away... we had the Kessel Run Tournaments. This was in the heady days of Wave 1 back around Christmas of 2012 (before the dark times, before the Bikini). I famously won an A-Wing (and don't we know it) coming in 4th I think it was in my FLGS' Kessel Run. I remember thinking at the time how awesomely crazy it was that we were not only getting to play in an FFG organized X-Wing tournament only a couple of months after the game had dropped, but that ships from the next wave were the prizes! 

Well, apparently I wasn't the only one who thought this was the most awesomest idea ever because Assault at Imdaar Alpha is taking us down memory lane once again. 

The Assault on Imdaar Alpha was announced on 7 March on the FFG site. In short, it's setup a lot like the Kessel Run- it's a pre-release tournament where the prizes are ships from the next wave. The article mentions the tournaments will take place on the weekend of May 30th through June 1, but your game store needs to have signed up for the Assault by 21 March if they plan on hosting. Supplies are expectedly limited, so if your store hasn't already committed, I'd strongly suggest getting on the ball sooner rather than later with whatever scheme you think would sway them into signing up. 

The good news is this time around the buy-in is only $30 for the store. Long story short, that $30 gets your store 1 each of the new ships, 16 Bandit Pilot extended art cards, and a poster to help advertise the event. If you can't talk your FLGS into coughing up $30 to host one of these things, well, you need to work on your Jedi mind tricks, pal.

So how does it work? 

Sounds like it's a standard 100 point tournament, but like the Kessel Run before it, the final match is played with some of the new stuff. Unlike the Kessel Run, which had pre-made lists featuring 2 A-Wings along with the YT-1300 versus Slave I and a couple of Interceptors, the Assault on Imdaar Alpha lets the opponents integrate the new ships into a list of their own choosing. In other words, the guy who takes Imperials can use the Defender and the Phantom in his list, but can stick in his own stuff to round out the 100 points to play the final match and the same goes for the Rebel player who ends up with a Z-95 and an E-Wing. 

The final round winner then gets his choice of the Wave 4 ships, second place chooses one from what's left, as do third and fourth places. Everybody else gets cards until they're gone. 

So that said, I guess we now have an idea of the release date of the Wave 4 stuff, right? Not before the weekend of May 30th - June 1 for sure. 

A question that might be on your mind is whether or not the Imperial Aces or the X-Wing pilots from the Transport would be legal for this thing. Right now, the answer is "no" of course, but not because they've not been released yet- it's because they're not listed as legal per the Tournament Rules

So as for the Huge Ships and the (valid for smaller ships) upgrades they bring, the X-Wing that comes with the GR-75, and the Imperial Aces that are dropping next week, until they show up on the list, they're verboten. 

That being said, do I think it's likely that the list will be updated before the Assault on Imdaar? Hells yeah. I mean, Imperial Aces will almost certainly be on there. The Huge Ships? Who knows? It was widely rumored (but never confirmed to my knowledge) that the Kessel Run was staged largely to fan the flames of the newly available X-Wing Miniatures when it turned out that Wave 2 was going to be delayed several months. Maybe the same thing happened with Wave 4 as well. The Huge Ships were announced before Wave 4 though, so maybe they'll be out before then, maybe they won't. We just don't know. In any case, keep an eye on the Tournament Rules which I'm fairly certain will be updated before the Assault to know what you and your opponent can show up with. 

The site goes on to say they'll have a listing of the participating stores up "mid-March", but with the deadline being 21 March to sign up, I kinda wonder if they didn't actually mean "mid-April." Regardless, they'll have a list of participating stores up before long that you can use to coordinate your efforts. 

I don't know about you, but I'm stoked about this as all four of the new ships are attractive to me. Let me know where y'all are playing and maybe I'll get to meet a few more of y'all IRL like at the AG Store Championship a couple of weeks ago. 

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