06 February 2014

Today's Sort-Of Update

I get a ton of hits on the I Wanna Play X-Wing Miniatures- What Should I Buy? article, but I'd not updated it since Wave 3 dropped, which means it's been sitting around giving incomplete advice for like, months now. 

I finally did something about that earlier this evening. 

So if you're bored and want to read something, go give it a glance and give me your thoughts while I spend the rest of the week doing some more housecleaning, er well, barcleaning I guess in this case (that main Listbuilding contents page is in need of some SERIOUS updating), and posting articles if I can think of some more X-Wing Miniatures stuff to talk about. 

Or hey- how about this? Got any ideas for articles? Have something you want to share with the Aficionados? Mention it in the comments and I'll try to come up with some slang. 


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