05 February 2014

Help Us Aficionados- You're Our Only Hope

Our good pal Fab dropped me an email the other day- 

Hello Clint,

I just updated the Fab's Squadrons Generators ;-).

I improve the MATH feature to display the repartition of the cards in the expansion.
More interesting, I added all cards already known for the Rebel Transport.

I also started that I call the "Translation Campaign" in order to find contributors ready to translate the tool in German, Italian and Spanish as the game is also available in these languages.

So perhaps you can help me on that point.

I attach in this email 2 images you can use if you deceide to create an article about this update.

I already started the spanish translation with 108 cards out of 123 translated.

I am also very happy that you found a solution to the domain ownership issue.


All right, now I know from the site stats that many of y'all who come to the bar are Yanks like me. However, TheMetalBikini.com does get quite a lot of traffic from places where they speak the languages Fab is seeking assistance with- namely Spain and Germany. Italy not as much, but surely some of y'all are worldly, multi-lingual types and perhaps you can help our pal Fab out here. He's made a pretty sweet squadron builder for free out of his love for the game- if you can help the brotha out with your language skills, why not give a little something back, huh? 

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