12 February 2014

Finally, Some List Talk?!?!

UPDATE: I think I fixed the link. Link 1 should now go to a Chewie- Dutch- Rookie list. 

I mentioned awhile back that I was going to try and get off my ass and get out of the house once in awhile play in a Store Championship at Armored Gopher in Champaign, Illinois and as such I've been thinking a lot about lists lately. Which got me to thinking about how I hardly ever talk about lists at the bar here, and got me to thinking about my "lists don't matter so much" in this game policy, which then caused me to wonder if I didn't need to re-examine said policy. 

Truth is, I still think your list doesn't matter so much in this game. Now, don't get all internet hyperbolically offended on me- I didn't say lists don't matter, I said they don't matter so much. I say that because I think picking your list has less of a direct impact on your match outcome than in a game like 40k, for example. 

That said, if you gave me the list I'd been flying for the past six months then handed me some uber tournament list I'd never played before, I'd probably do better with the one I'd been playing longer which is kinda like saying the list does matter, but really it's your familiarity with it. 

So lists do matter. X-Wing isn't so revolutionary or whatever that if you and I are both about the same skill and I pick some lazer-brain list and you pick one that's got like complimentary pilots with complimentary skills, then you're very much more likely to win than I will be. 

I thought about letting you guys pick my list for the Store Championship, then I thought about posting up three or four different lists and letting you guys vote, and I even considered having y'all mail me lists and I'd pick one, but that seemed really lazy and kind of presumptuously pompous or something. 

What I'll do is hit some of the forums and pick out four or five different lists that seem particularly popular then talk about them on here- why they work, how you can beat them, the relative skill level you need to have to be able to use the list, stuff like that. 

In the meantime though, give me your thoughts on the following lists, if you don't mind- I'm kind of thinking of taking one of these to the Store Championship. 

List 1
List 2
List 3

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