24 February 2014

Changes coming to TheMetalBikini.com

As today's article will be the two hundred and, uh, somethingeth post on TMB, I gotta tell you- I need to do something to get stuff organized around here. I've gotten a couple of emails the past two months especially from readers who kindly and gently suggest that the content of the site is fun, informative, and entertaining, but the way that the site itself is laid out, and the organization of the articles themselves is atrocious. 

I'm going to attempt to address that in the very near future.

As you may recall, back when I was having my domain snafu, I created a backup of TMB. I'm going to apply a couple of different templates over there to see how things turn out. If I come across a couple of good ideas, I'll post some links to them and you guys can check them out. As I've said before- I'm no web designer. That's a big reason why TMB is still hosted on a Blogger blog rather than an actual host. Well, that and because I'm kinda cheap and hosting on Blogger incurs me virtually no cost regardless of bandwidth, traffic, etc. 

In any case, if y'all feel like giving some feedback and stuff on the new layouts, please feel free. I'll post up some links when I get some candidates for TheMetalBikini.com v2.0 going.  

And if you're one of those frustrated readers who got into all this a little late and find it easier to Google X-Wing topics instead of banging your head against the bar to find what you're looking for here, give me a little time and hopefully this will all get MUCH easier pretty soon. 


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