30 January 2014

Named Pilots: Tetran Cowall

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Tetran Cowall (24)
Card Text: When you reveal a <K-Turn symbol>, you may treat the speed of that maneuver as 1, 3, or 5.

Usage in game: When you really, really, really want to turn around.
Breakdown: The thing that jumped out at me most about Tetran Cowall, besides his ultra-successful TV production career with singing competition reality shows, is the price on his card. It wasn't his card text, it wasn't his PS, it was his cost.

24 points.

Sound familiar? Yeah, our old pal Kir Kanos is the same price. Without the extra point of PS and without the Elite Pilot Skills. As I've not played either of these cats yet, it's hard for me to say if anybody is overcosted or undercosted, but it just raised an eyebrow is what I'm saying.

So Cowall's card text more or less affords him not only an additional speed option on K-Turns (the 1 speed), but he can pull kind of a Navigator lite and pick the speed at which he wants to K-Turn (1, 3, or 5) regardless of which K-Turn is actually showing on his dial.

Not only is that a pretty cool trick, he's still relatively cheap so you shouldn't feel like you're needing to K-Turn every other turn to get your points back on him. He's only two points more than a Royal Guard Interceptor which has 1 less PS.

As mentioned, Cowall has access to Elite Pilot Skills. If you don't want to directly clash with his card text, you don't want stuff that's going to Stress him out as it's quite possible you'll already have a Stress Token from a K-Turn in your movement phase. That's a bummer mainly because a lot of the good Elite Pilot Skills cause Stress. That said, I think you can get some mileage out of old school hits like Marksmanship or Determination, but I like the idea of Veteran Instincts on Cowall quite a lot as that variable length K-Turn ought to go a long way into getting behind somebody- so why not move last or close to it?

As pointed out in the comments below, I'd originally kinda screwed this article up- grabbing my Slave I dial rather than an Interceptor dial and getting all messed up about the card text. I also talked myself out of Adrenaline Rush as a good Elite Pilot Skill for Cowall, but a few of the regulars around here have talked me into it again.

I think that Cowall could be a good candidate for that new Targeting Computer Modification. Like we talked about above on Veteran Instincts, there's probably a good chance Cowall is going to be K-Turning his socks off for much of the game, and with any luck, he's going to be behind the enemy squadron most of that time. Since Evading and Focusing probably won't be quite as much of a priority unless he's flying against a bunch of ships with turrets, maybe maximize that 3 Attack dice and invest in the Targeting Computer Mod. If you're not nuts about that, you can always go with the old standbys Stealth Device or Shield Upgrade or punt, take Royal Guard Title and slot two (different) Mods on Simon.

I think Cowall will see quite a lot of action in the days to come because he's a fairly forgiving pilot from a movement and cost perspective. As I've said on here before, I think generally speaking you shouldn't rely on K-Turns too much, but for many new players starting out, the K-Turn can be an effective method to correct a movement mistake. As such, I think Cowall is a great pick for a new player. This isn't to say you Vets can't get any mileage out of him, but I think he'll likely to end up on the short list of everybody's favorite Interceptor pilots alongside Turd Ferguson.

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