28 January 2014

Named Pilots: Lieutenant Lorrir

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Lieutenant Lorrir (23)
Card Text: When performing a barrel roll action, you may receive 1 stress token to use the <1 bank left> or <1 bank right> instead of the <1 straight> template.

Usage in game: Some tricky, tricky, tricky tr-r-r-r-icky barrel rollin'.
Breakdown: All right, let's get this out of the way right now. Y'all know I'm an American, but be that as it may, I will absolutely be referring to Lieutenant Lorrir as Lef-ten-ant Lorrir. Don't ask why exactly, just accept it.

Right on, so the good lieutenant is pretty close to being a Saber Squadron Interceptor (yeah, I know, he's even closer to being a Royal Guard, but more people are going to get that he's close to being a Saber) with a couple of key differences- first, he's two points more expensive, of course. Second, he has one higher PS and then there's his card text. Fourth, unlike the Saber, he does not have access to Elite Pilot Skills.

So is his card text worth it- that's really what this boils down to, right?

Lucky for us (well, me at least), the good folks at FFG have a handy diagram they made to visually explain his card text for us-

I like this diagram because it not only shows Lorrir's move, but it also gives a pretty good idea of what a regular barrel roll would do for you too. 

If you're thinking that Lorrir's card text allows a ton of flexibility, you'd be right. Like I've said on here before, having a lot of contextual options can be a really good thing in X-Wing. The bummer with Lorrir is that he doesn't have Elite Pilot Skills, which is probably a good thing as giving him something like Push the Limit would probably be way too over the top. 

As it stands, I think Lorrir could easily work as a roamer, kind of away from the action, picking off wounded members of the herd. With the Interceptor's dial and his Barrel Rolling shenanigans, he's going to be hard to get by and even tougher to get off your tail. That said, do keep in mind that if you do decide to use his card text (and I'm pretty sure it'd be out of bounds to lay down the bank template, find out you don't have a shot, then decide to use the straight 1), you incur Stress. Of course, if you pair him up with what must be his best friend and drinkin' buddy Captain Yorr, that's not such a big deal, is it? I mean, sure- trying to keep an Interceptor near the ol' flyin' brick isn't going to be easy, but you can just always take the Stress and use one of the Interceptor's 7(!) green maneuvers to get rid of it the traditional way next round. 

While Lorrir's upgrade bar is as empty as The Metal Bikini on Sunday morning, you do still have access to Modifications and of course, being as how he's PS 5, the Royal Guard Title, which for uh, FREE(!), gives you the ability to stock two Mods on your ship. Lotta commas in that sentence. Oxford and then some, huh? Apologies, y'all. 

The Royal Guard Title stipulates you can't stock the same Mod twice, but that's not such a big deal. You know how often your choice of Mods comes down to Stealth Device or Shield Upgrade? Well, now you don't have to choose- you can have both. Of course, you gotta pay points on both, and I'm sure there's a pretty valid line of thinking that says spending 30 points on a PS5 ship isn't likely to be the best idea you've had all day, but those guys have probably never tried to down a TIE Interceptor with 4 Agility, 1 Shield and the Barrel Rollin' options that Lorrir provides (Note- I still like both of those over Hull Upgrade in this specific instance). Not having played with or against him I'm going to reserve the right to be dead wrong about this guy, but from where I sit he looks pretty nasty even without the dual Mods.

Who does it work for best? If you're a longtime Interceptor player, especially one of those cats that played a list with Turd Ferguson, Fel, and Vader and got used to Barrel Rolling your way out of trouble, I think you're going to get a lot of mileage out of the good lieutenant. If not, you probably won't see the point. 

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