23 January 2014

Named Pilots- Kyle Katarn

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Kyle Katarn (21)
Card Text: At the start of the combat phase, you may assign one of your Focus tokens to another friendly ship at range 1-3.

Usage in game: Getting your buddies Focused.
Breakdown: Finally I get to Mr. Dark Forces himself, Kyle Katarn.

All right, you know the routine here- we've been talking about it since like, May. Katarn's card text states that he can pass one of his Focus Tokens to a pal at Range 1-3. 

1. You stick Recon Specialist on him so that he can generate an extra Focus Token each time he Performs one. 
2. You stick the Moldy Crow title on so that he doesn't lose these extra Focus Tokens at the end of the turn.
3. ?????
4. Profit.

Ostensibly, Katarn is generating faster than he's consuming and you end up on a pile of Focus Tokens ol' brother Kyle can throw around like so much candy at a Christmas parade.

That really is pretty solid. I keep thinking one of these nights I'm going to sit down and revamp that list I made that spreadsheet for. Like a Lando, Dreis, Katarn list and just throw Focus Actions around all over the place. And hey, why not? It's the most versatile Action in the game. Even without some weird, Focus-centric list you can still get some good use out of Katarn. Especially with ships that are usually trying to choose between Focus and some other Action- like a X-Wing with R2-F2, or an A-Wing, for instance.

Since Kyle does what he does so well, it's kinda tough to talk about other stuff that works with him. Going through the motions though...

If I was ever going to use a Blaster Turret, it'd be on Katarn. Takes a Focus to fire it? So what? I'm Kyle Katarn, baybee! Here again, I think you can make a case for Adrenaline Rush or Engine Upgrade to help overcome the fairly lame-ass maneuver dial though it's probably not necessary if you invested in the Blaster Turret. Elusiveness can work here, but ideally you want to keep Kyle unstressed and cool as he needs to Perform Action Focus to trigger his card text. For this same reason, I wouldn't consider Elite Pilot Skills that will Stress him out like Push The Limit. If you're really feeling generous and giving away a free Focus every turn isn't doing it for you anymore, you can always look into Squad Leader, though remember- you have to Focus to get a Focus. Determination I think is a good investment with the HWK-290 only having a single point of Shields.

As in the Jan Ors article, if you want to keep Kyle alive longer, Modifications are always an easy way to do that. Also as in the Jan article, I think you can make a case either way for Stealth Device or Shield Upgrade, but I lean towards Stealth because it makes the HWK a 3 Agility ship and if you're hanging back passing Focus tokens and finishing off those already damaged enemy ships, you're probably getting four green dice every once in awhile because of an intervening asteroid or being at Range 3.

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