14 January 2014

Bad News, Good News Pt. 2

So y'all have given me a lot to think about in light of my news yesterday. I got stuck here at the plant until nearly 6pm and the wife was stuck at the hospital until nearly 9pm, so I didn't have much time to research any of the suggestions you all presented, but tonight I should have a chance to sit down for awhile and weigh the options. 

I didn't elaborate on it much yesterday, but the problem is I didn't create a Google Apps admin login when I first registered the domain, and now, even after finding the invite email, I don't seem to be able to; I just get a "Try again later" type error message. 

Also, I registered my domain via Blogger, via Google, via GoDaddy, so I can't just go directly on GoDaddy and renew my domain. I've used GoDaddy in the past, and that's how I did it back in the day, but that's not really an option this time as I'm not the person who actually registered the domain directly, y'know? Like I currently don't have a GoDaddy login and password or whatever this time around. I tried my Blogger credentials thinking it might have just automatically populated, but no dice unfortunately. 

So hang in there and I'll see what I can come up with tonight. 


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