03 December 2013

Named Pilots- Captain Jonus

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Captain Jonus (22)
Card Text: When another friendly ship at Range 1 attacks with a secondary weapon, it may reroll up to 2 Attack dice.

Usage in game: His name is Jonus, and he's carryin' the wheel. Well, that and anybody else in your list sporting a secondary weapon probably.
Breakdown: Hey, hey, hey. Hey guys. Remember back like a year ago when everybody was sporting TIE Swarms with Howlrunner? Remember that? Because she like gave everybody a reroll on their primary? Remember?

Ok, kinda same thing here, but it's with secondaries and two dice. Awesome, huh? 

One slight difference in that line of thinking is Howlie was a pretty respectable PS 8, where Jonus is clocking in at 6, which isn't bad or anything, don't get me wrong, but you do have to focus a little more on who's going when with him than you did with Howlrunner. 

Similarities do abound though, namely in that he can take Elite Pilot Skills and the fact that his own ability doesn't work on him.

As for the Elite Pilot Skills, if you've loaded up on wingmen with secondary weapons and plan on running a swarm or something similar, you can bet that Jonus is going to be a priority target for your opponent. Take a look at stuff that helps to keep him alive. Push The Limit is always a nice option to have up your sleeve in virtually any situation (especially if you've got Yorr [YOOORRRR!!!] floating around somewhere close by), or stuff like Elusiveness or Expert Handling.

If instead you're opting more for opportunistic fly-bys, lending the extra re-rolls to say, a Firespray with an Ion Cannon and upgrades tooled-up for close to medium range combat, maybe lean a little more towards offense or flexibility. Marksmanship works nicely with warhead loadouts as would something like Deadeye where you're putting more of a priority on getting near a ship with big guns you want to really hurt something bad rather than lining up a good target for Jonus.

All that said, I think there's something to be said for just going with the flow here and making Jonus something of a support craft for a couple of TIE Bomber wingmen. Dig this list I just made on Yet Another-

That's not terrible, if you ask me. It's tough to prioritize as an opponent because the stuff you likely want to ignore (the Scimitar Bombers) can put a pretty good hurt on you, while the guy you really want to go after (Jonus), is going to be protected by the rest of the list. I went ahead and stuck some warheads on Jonus largely because I wasn't sure how to spend those last four points. Your mileage of course, will vary but hopefully you can kinda see where I'm going with this. Heck, you could always stick a Shield Upgrade on him just for grins. If you're curious, I stuck the TIEs in there largely because there's not enough points to make a 5 Bomber list with Jonus and four other Bombers with some sort of missile or torpedo. 

I do think that Night Beast and Backstabber would do well to keep folks on the other side of the table honest though, so they're not like total window dressing or whatever. I like them in this role because they're good enough named pilots they're tough to deal with and fairly self-sufficient, but not so expensive they make for an easy target priority decision for your opponent- those two combined are still only worth 32 points and we know how important it is to get 33 points, right? 

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