11 November 2013

Half a Mil? Holy Mackerel!

So a couple of things- 

First, apologies once again for my infrequent posting lately. We're going through a new product launch at work and I've been working six days a week for the past month and a half. While that kind of workload wasn't entirely uncommon in my last position, I had a lot more downtime during the days than what I do now, so it wasn't impossible to keep the site going. It kind of has been lately. Good news is this thing launches a week from today, so one way or another, I ought to have a little more free time in the pretty near future. Hopefully. 

Also factoring into this infrequency was one of our dachshunds passing on us very unexpectedly two weeks ago today. You know those people who dress their dogs up because they don't have kids? Well, that was the wife and me up until three years ago. Me and that dog were tight, and after he died, I just couldn't go to the place in my head I need to get to for TheMetalBikini.com articles. Still kinda bummed out, but like with everything, each day it gets a little easier. 

Lastly, it seems like the Blogger scheduler deal I've always used is messed up. The past two posts I've made have not gone up at 4am like old times. Maybe I've got some kind of settings conflict, I don't know. In any case, going forward, my updates might not always be up at 4am for a bit. I will definitely try to get it back to that, but I'm not guaranteeing anything for the near future. If any of y'all know anything about this, by all means- email a brotha.  

So half a million page views in less than a year for my little 'ol website. Crazy, innit? Thanks again to all of y'all for your continued support. 


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