04 October 2013

Titles- Moldy Crow and ST-321

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Moldy Crow (3)
Card Text: HWK-290 only. During the End phase, do not remove unused Focus tokens from your ship.

Usage in game: Making the Blaster Turret and/ or HWK-290 worthwhile.
Breakdown: So look, everybody knows about Katarn + Recon Specialist + Moldy. The advantages are obvious and well, if I talk about it here, I won't have much to talk about in the Katarn article, so we're just going to leave that alone for now.

So not talking about that, is there any other use for the Moldy Crow title?

Well, sure. Sure there is. And no, I'm not going to make some wise ass remark because I'm a hater- there really are some pretty good uses for it.

As for the other two named HWK pilots, going Moldy is never a bad idea, per se, but it doesn't like synergize particularly effectively with Roark Garnet. Again- it's not bad on him, but it's nothing out of the ordinary special really either. It is kind of nice for Jan Ors since she generates Stress and if you've got a way of holding onto a Focus token past the End phase, you don't necessarily have to pull a green to get rid of that Stress token next turn to still be effective. In other words, while you still wouldn't get to complete your Perform Action step, you'd still (hopefully, possibly) have a Focus token or two lying around from a previous turn (or two, or three) so you'd still have the benefit of an Action without actually having to perform one. Of course, you can't use her card text if you're Stressed, but if you were worried your opponent was going to guess your move because you kinda had to pull a green, ah whatever. You know what I'm saying. I'm kinda talking in circles now.

I actually kind of like this card on the Rebel Operative too. For 21 points, you could roll a Rebel Operative with the Moldy title and Saboteur and just fly around Focusing your defense rolls to stay out of harm's way while trying to sabotage anybody the rest of your ships are pounding. That's not horrible. Or for only 20, you could have a Rebel Operative in the Moldy flying around with an Intelligence Agent also Focusing your green dice so you can keep on looking at your opponent's maneuver early. Also not horrible.

I think it's borderline too expensive for what it's actually bringing to the table, but a RO flying Moldy with a Blaster Turret is only 23 points and look- that first turn you never get to really use your Action Token anyway, why not bank it with the Moldy title, then when you do finally get to shoot at somebody, you can fire the turret but still (hopefully, possibly) have a Focus token lying around for emergency defense use or to modify your Blaster Turret attack roll.

ST-321 (3)
Card Text: Lambda Shuttle only. When acquiring a target lock, you may lock onto any ship in the play area.

Usage in game: When Range 1-3 just isn't enough...
Breakdown: Much like the Katarn + Moldy + Recon combo is obvious to the point of discomfort, the Colonel Jendon + ST-321 combo is too. Also like the Katarn combo, it's the main thing to talk about with Jendon, so I'll save the finer points for his article. Suffice it to say though, it works and it works pretty effectively as lots of your ships can conceivably be within Range 1 of Jendon's big ass base.

Nothing particularly noteworthy about ST-321 with Yorr (YORR... YORRRRR!!!) or Kagi, but like Moldy, it's always handy to be able to dish off a Target Lock, so if you do spring for it on one of those guys, it's unlikely to be the stupidest thing you've done all day. Ditto for the Omicron Group Pilot.

There are some other cards this title works well with though- Weapons Engineer being a no-brainer, but consider the Recon Specialist here too. The damn Shuttle has bad moves and a 1 Defense, so if you're TLing from way out then picking Focus when you're going to actually get into range and shoot, you still (hopefully, possibly) have a Focus Token or two to use on defense. Or take a Mercenary Copilot and use that ability as kind of a light Marksmanship Action you don't have to actually declare while you Target Lock stuff.

I think the real advantage of ST-321 is pretty subtle to the point a lot of people might not see the value in it, especially on a lower Pilot Skill variant of the Shuttle. 

Range 3 is a pretty big slice of the board, but if you're sitting there, just out of range of a high PS pilot (like Wedge for example), you may not get another shot at him next turn with that restrictive Shuttle wheel because he's going to move into range with you after you've declared your Action then probably go blowing right by you in the next Activation Phase. With ST-321 though, you can TL him, then after (hopefully, possibly) surviving his initial attack on you, you hit him when it gets to be your Shuttle's turn to shoot with that Attack 3 primary and use the Target Lock folks didn't expect you to have to really make it count.

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