21 October 2013

Just the FAQs Ma'am- Wave 3

A few of y'all noticed last Wednesday, FFG posted a new, Wave 3-centric X-Wing Miniatures FAQ update as well as a very brief addition to the X-Wing Miniatures Tournament Rules and shot me some emails about it. Before I had a chance to write something up for TMB, Larry from BoLS asked me to write a brief article about it for him. 

This article is not that article, but as they're both about the FAQ, they will probably be kinda similar in places. Also, I don't think my article has run on BoLS yet, but I could be wrong. My youngest is still getting over being sick, so I've been kinda out of it the past few days. 

In any case, on with the show! 

Tournament Rules 
As expected, the Wave 3 ships have now officially been added to the Legal Products listing. Aside from that, the only other addition is a tiny, no-brainer clarification on when a player may request a single range ruler and set of templates be used in their match (it's before the game actually starts now). 

As before, I'm not going to talk about every single little thing that got FAQed. It seems like a lot of stuff in the FAQ are just answers to questions that people have mailed in rather than actual necessary clarifications or whatever. In other words, unless I just completely botched a particular rule interpretation or interaction on TMB somewhere or I think it's kind of interesting, I'm probably not going to specifically call it out. There's a link to the FAQ itself at the top of this page and a link to it on the sidebar under the Rules and Resources section if you want to check out the whole thing (and I totally recommend that you do). 

So just kind of going along with the order in which this stuff's presented in the FAQ, here's some commentary. 

Oh, also- the FAQ and the Tournament Rules have more generic names than before now. For me, this is great because it means I (probably) won't have to ever update the sidebar links to the new FAQ and Tourney Rules addresses ever again. It's great for you because now you can just favorite them if you don't want to come here or drill down through FFG's pages to get to them when they change. 

Q: Can a ship perform the same Upgrade card
action or Damage card action more than 
once per round?

A: No. Having more than one copy of the same card 
that requires an action to trigger its ability does 
not allow you to perform that action more than 
once per round.

Q: If a ship has more than one copy of the
same card that does not require an action 
to trigger its ability, can it trigger all of 
those card abilities?

A: Yes. For example, when a ship equipped with two
Mercenary Copilots is attacking, it can change two 
results to two results.

Ok, so at a glance, you may be all kinda like, "WTF?" reading those two FAQ entries, but if you look closely, you'll see why their answers differ. 

In the first example, the question is in regard to an Action (emphasis, me) where in the second they're talking about stuff that isn't Actions. As you still can't (directly) perform the same Action in the same turn, non-Action stuff is totally cool to use any time they're triggered. 

Q: If a ship does not have a dial assigned to
it when it activates during the Activation
phase, can it resolve any effects that refer
to its maneuver dial?

A: No. For example, a HWK-290 with an ion token
cannot use the effect of Navigator to change the 
speed of its maneuver.

I'll admit, this one kinda surprised me at the time, but like a lot of stuff in the FAQ, upon close inspection, it really shouldn't have. 

If you read Navigator closely, the trigger for the card text is when you reveal your maneuver. As an Ion Weapon sticks you with that white 1 straight, you're not revealing the maneuver. 

(I thought this would go the other way because Nien Nunb and R2 Astromech were FAQed to still work on an Ionized ship. I know, I know- the wording is completely different)

Q: If a ship suffers more damage or critical damage than is needed to destroy it, are 
the excess Damage cards still assigned to 
that ship?

A: Yes. This means that a ship still in the play area
due to the Simultaneous Attack Rule can be 
affected by additional faceup Damage cards.

Additionally, it means that whatever cards are stuck to that ship are out of the game after that. That can be good or bad depending on the Damage cards the ship took with it, and it's unlikely it's going to make some big statistical difference, but there is always that chance that you've managed to deplete your Damage deck of some particular card(s) in some abberation of probabililty.

It's kinda the same reason why you shouldn't mix multiple damage decks, make sure your opponent didn't get his cards mixed up with yours, etc. I talk more about this kind of stuff in the Damage Deck Explained! Bikini Battle Basics article. 

Q: How does Veteran Instincts work with
other abilities that set a ship’s pilot skill value to a new number?

A: Veteran Instincts increases a ship’s printed pilot
skill value; it does not increase further alterations
to that ship’s pilot skill value. For example, while
Black Squadron Pilot is equipped with Veteran
Instincts, his pilot skill value is “6.” If Darth Vader
(pilot skill value “9”) uses Swarm Tactics on that
Black Squadron Pilot, that Black Squadron Pilot now
has a pilot skill value of “9,” not “11.”

I'm kinda glad they clarified this. While the above example may not seem like much of a head-scratcher, I personally was wondering what the order of operation was when adding Veteran Instincts benefit to a ship Mr. Roark was buffing. 

Hey, don't laugh- it wouldn't be the first time you got to pick the order in which your cards executed. Heavy Laser Cannon with a Mercenary Copilot? Bueller, Bueller? Anyone, anyone? I didn't think so. 
Q: Can Maarek Stele use his ability on a
ship that is dealt a faceup Damage card 
because of Draw Their Fire?

A: No. Maarek Stele’s ability only affects the defender.

Hadn't thought about it, but that's pretty lame really. As mentioned previously, Steele isn't exactly a bargain for the points to begin with. I get it though, I mean, I guess I get it. From a game mechanics perspective, I guess it makes sense, but if a ship is flying to try and draw Steele's fire away from the other ship- flying in between them or whatever, doesn't it stand to reason that they're going to take the consequence of his preternatural ability to damage ships where and when it counts?

Guess not. 

Q: If a ship equipped with Nien Nunb attempts
to execute a red maneuver but overlaps
another ship and must treat the maneuver
as a maneuver instead, does Nien Nunb’s
ability trigger and cause that maneuver to 
be green?

A: No.

Again, kinda surprised me, but only because they went seemingly the other way when it came to the Ionized stuff. 

Q: If a ship doesn’t have the action icon
in its action bar, can it acquire and/or 
maintain a target lock granted by some 
game effect, such as Captain Jendon’s 

A: Yes.

I remember some folks talking hypothetically about this on the FFG forums back in the day. I don't recall if I voiced my opinion on the topic or not at that time, but their argument was that you couldn't do a particular Action if it wasn't even available to you. 

... Which is of course, not the case. 

Q: Can Captain Jonus use his ability twice on
a nearby friendly ship that is attacking with
Cluster Missiles?

A: Yes.

Makes sense if you read the card. 

Q: When a ship’s maneuver template (but not the ship’s base), overlaps a ship equipped 
with Anti-Pursuit Lasers, does that ship 
suffer the effects of Anti-Pursuit Lasers?

A: No.

While we've talked on here before about how the ships in X-Wing just sort of magically teleport from one end of the movement template to the other in a game mechanics sort of way (and therefore wouldn't create an overlap which doesn't trigger Anti-Pursuit Lasers), I'm still glad they went ahead and clarified this. 

Q: If a ship overlaps another ship equipped
with Anti-Pursuit Lasers, but as the result 
of overlapping additional ships, it does not 
touch the ship equipped with Anti-Pursuit 
Lasers in its final position, does it suffer 
any damage?

A: No.

This is kinda interesting to me. 

What the question is asking is if a ship overlaps a ship with Anti-Pursuit Lasers, but there's another ship right next to the one with APLs, so the original ship has to move back along the template again because he'd be on top of that other ship, does APL trigger? 

The answer being "No", the takeaway here is that even though you totally did overlap the ship with APL, at the end of it all, from a game mechanics perspective, you actually didn't

Q: If a ship acquires a target lock by using
Fire-Control System, and that ship is within 
range of Captain Kagi, is the locking ship 
required to lock onto Captain Kagi?

A: No. The target lock granted by Fire-Control System
must be acquired on the defender. If the attacker 
acquires an additional target lock, such as from 
Weapons Engineer, that target lock must be 
acquired on Captain Kagi if possible.

Another one of those order of operation questions- which takes precedence? Fire Control System saying you lock onto the ship you just shot at or Kagi's bit about making you acquire him as a Lock if able? 

Now we know.

Q: If a ship attacks twice through some effect,
such as the Gunner upgrade, can the ship 
use the ability of Darth Vader (the Upgrade 
card) twice?

A: Yes, once after each attack.


Q: If a ship equipped with Darth Vader would be
destroyed by using Darth Vader’s ability, can 
it use that ability?

A: Yes

Remember the end of Jedi? The dude's a martyr, man. 

Q: If a ship equipped with Darth Vader has
a number of Damage cards that equals
or exceeds its hull value, but is not yet 
destroyed because of the simultaneous 
attack rule, can it use Darth Vader’s ability?

A: No.

If you take yourself out, it wouldn't be a simultaneous attack I guess. 

Q: If Saboteur causes a player’s ship with a
stress token to attempt to execute a red 
maneuver, does that player’s opponent 
get to choose the ship’s maneuver when it 
activates during the Activation phase?

A: Yes.

Hadn't even thought of that possibility. Probably won't happen much, but now you know what to do when it does. 

Q: If a ship with a stress token reveals a red 
maneuver, can it use Adrenaline Rush?
A: Yes. Treat the maneuver as a white maneuver; 
the opponent does not choose a maneuver for the 
stressed ship.


Q: If an effect “deals a damage card” (either
faceup or facedown), does the effect follow 
the procedure for “Suffering Damage” on 
page 16 of the core set rulebook?

A: No. For example, the effect of Proton Bombs deals
one faceup Damage card to each affected ship. 
This effect should not be confused with producing 
a result, thus this effect does not interact 
with shields, cannot be canceled by evade tokens, 
cannot be redirected by Draw Their Fire, etc.

We've talked about this difference on here before, but in case you thought that +Davyd Atwood and I were nuts, now you know we're not. Well, at least not when it comes to the difference between "suffering damage" and just getting a card dealt to you. 

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