18 October 2013

J. Song's Repaints- Arts and (Space)Crafts

After posting the link to that awesome X-Wing Repaints article on Bell of Lost Souls last week, I don't know about you, but I had to pick up the old paintbrush over the weekend and do a little work. Of course, as it turned out, I didn't get much more done than a couple of basecoats before my youngest decided it'd be cool to develop a 102 degree fever, but it's the thought that counts, and once I get a couple of ships done up, I'll post them on here for y'all to make fun of check out. 

That said, I got some pics of some pretty awesome repaints a bikini aficionado named J. Song sent me back on Monday. Check these out! 

Nice, huh? 

In the process of mailing back and forth, J. Song told me something that sorta resonated with me that I wanted to share with y'all- 

If I have any advice it's this. I been playing x wing for a few months now. It's so fun. I would say this: I been wanting to try and paint them but I have been so scared. But I would say to people don't be scared but rather just try. Because even if they completely mess up they can always take that paint off the same way they did the original. And they can start over.

Last I will say is... These are your x wings. Everyone has the factory designs. It's what we saw in the movies. But really ask your self... if you had your very own star fighter what would it be colored like?

And from there creativity flows. I really didn't know what colors to fully make my x wing but I know I wanted red wings I went from there and these came to life. I really wanted a white and red interceptor and this came to life . So I wonder what could come to life when a person lets there creative ability come out of the box.
It's funny because while I had absolutely no problem at all creating custom chapter colors for my Marines and regimental colors for my Guard, I was really having trouble thinking up anything remotely new or interesting for my X-Wing Miniatures models. Truth be told, the model I was working on over the weekend had basically no direction whatsoever. After reading J. Song's email though, I've got a whole new take on things and am eager rather than apprehensive to try and get a few more coats on that test model over the weekend here. 

Oh, and if you want some nuts and bolts advice from the dude, check this out- 

For designs... I see people putting like decals and logos. I don't really know how they do that but I will tell you the secret to painting tiny. Don't use a brush. Instead I find the smallest nail I could find and tapped it to the end of an old paint brush. But you could use any stick really. What I do is I dab the point in the paint and I make a dot or two then I dip again and make another small dot next to that one and so forth and so on. But every about three or four dips I wipe the ball the forms on the tip with my thumbs. The paint at that level is so tiny that it tries very fast and needs to be cleaned so the tip is as fine as can be. Then I take an xacto knife and trim over paint areas to get really fine and straight lines. I believe that as good as a person can imagine they can create. This requires patience but one you do it you can really make any design. I learned this by writing words on rice for name on rice jewelry. It can feel difficult but it is very rewarding.

Emphasis mine on the words on rice bit. That's just nuts if you ask me. Dig the nailbrush he was talking about- 

Anyway, J. Song is considering taking commissions, so if you're interested in him doing some work for you, talk it up in the comments and maybe he'll stop by and drop some science about it. I should have asked him if he wanted his terms posted on here or if he was just kind of thinking out loud, but didn't because I was just too busy drooling over his work. 

Thanks again J. Song! Awesome stuff my brotha! 

And if any of the rest of y'all have been inspired to take up the brush and acrylics and had something come out especially snazzy, send me some pics and I'll throw 'em up on here! 

EDIT: J. Song has informed me via email he'd like to put his email address and phone number (call or text him) out there as contacts for anyone seeking his painting services. 

Hope you get a ton of business, pal! Heck, I might even have you paint up something for me... 

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