18 October 2013

Fab's Squadron Builder- Now With Sharing!

Got an email from Fab, our pal in France earlier today...

Hello Clint,

Just to let you know that I updated my Squadrons generator with a share feature.
Now with the share icon, you can generate a short url through Google Shortener api either in the Random Squadrons generator or the Manual ones.

This means that you can now share with friends your squadrons and by extension save your creation by storing the short url.

You can after reload them in the Manual Generator.

Here are some examples, they are some lists I build using the ones displayed on the FFG sites.

Rebel Squad : http://goo.gl/aOgekf

Empire Squad : http://goo.gl/UYpakX

Elite Rebels & Imperial Swarm : http://goo.gl/RS23bJ

Of course, I had to try it out myself and make a couple of quick squadrons too- http://goo.gl/drF2qX

Pretty cool, huh? Saves all that typing and no login required- Fab's code does the work for you. I love that! I like too that I can do up a Rebel Squadron and an Imperial Squadron and share them both at the same time. Would be cool for some of our Hangout games so the guys can set up their stuff easier having a nice, concise list right there in front of them on their screens and all. 

Thanks Fab! Good stuff as usual!