03 October 2013

DakkaDakka.com's X-Wing Forums

Remember last week when I was all, "My bad!" about Geordan's listbuilder? 

Well, I have another apology to make. 

I got an email all the way back in July from a guy by the handle of MajorTom11 who is a mod over at DakkaDakka.com. Turns out they've got a pretty sweet X-Wing Forum and he wanted to make me aware of it. I figured I'd talk a little about it on here after things slowed down for me in real life- at the time, we were gearing up for summer shutdown at the plant and when I finally came up for air afterwards, I just completely forgot about Tom's email. 

So apologies Tom, and if you guys have some time to kill today, stop on by DakkaDakka and check out the X-Wing Forum Tom and the boys have going over there. Looks to be lots of varied topics and active threads. I think I'm a member over there from my 40k days- I'll stop by and say hi as well if I can knock the dust off my login. :) 


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