27 September 2013

(Yet Another) X-Wing Squadron Builder by Geordan

Before I start rolling, let me apologize. Geordan told me about his listbuilder a long time ago and I told him I was going to review it and add it to the Listbuilder article I wrote awhile back and I did neither. 

That's my bad. 

Without further adieu though, let me shine a light on (Yet Another) X-Wing Squadron Builder!

Geordan's added in some nice features to his builder- I like the background art, I like that I can just flip through cards without having to even build a list, easily printable, a view as text feature, you name it. 

Of course, you've got the usual features too- a random squadrons generator, stat previews on mouseover, the ability to name your sheet and save it upon login, etc. 

There's a lot to offer here- check it out! 

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