13 September 2013


The past couple of weeks I've gotten several premptive, gun-jumping "Did you know Wave 3 is in stores?" emails from my well-meaning but somewhat confused and/ or overzealous readers, but lo and behold, about 4pm yesterday, Sean hit our long-standing Google Hangout chat thread with the following-

Nevermind the time- that's just when I thought to take the screenshot.

This time it's for reals, yo. Miniatures Market has their stuff up, as does The War Store, Cool Stuff Inc., and just about everyone else you can think of. This isn't folks getting confused and seeing Wave 3 Gencon ebay threads- this time they really do seem to have been released.

Two things though- either the HWK-290 has been made artificially rare or they had some sort of production issues with them because like everyone seemed to be immediately sold out of them, and those starfield tiles dropped too. Also, for those of y'all who have emailed me lately and asked when Wave 1 stuff was going to be reprinted, looks like I was wrong- a lot of places still seem to be out of the other expansions. I assumed that FFG would drop them the same time as Wave 3, but I guess not. Sorry y'all. I'm sure they'll be coming soon. Keep an eye on the Upcoming page at FFG.com for further developments and I'll mention it on here when I notice they're released. 

I'll be hitting my FLGS on the way home from ye olde salt mine today to pick mine up. Time to get back to work, aficionados! Have fun and see you on Monday!

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