26 September 2013

Fab's Squadron Generator Update!

I got an email today from our good pal in France, Fab. 

Hello Clint,

Just to let you know that I updated my generator with new features.

The most important one is on the manual generator where I put a free mode in order to build squadrons with only the rules restrictions.

>> squadrons generator home page : http://fabpsb.free.fr/

I also added the Imperial Aces expansion.

>> manual squadrons generator (free mode) : http://fabpsb.free.f...ndex.php?free=1

>> manual squadrons generator : http://fabpsb.free.fr/mindex.php

>> random squadrons generator : http://fabpsb.free.fr/rindex.php


Right on, Fab! He's even got the Imperial Aces expansions in there! 

If you haven't checked out Fab's builder lately, or if you've not checked it out at all, he really has it set up pretty slick. Box art of all the expansions, card art for all the cards, and even with all that it loads up pretty quickly on my 3G connected Chromebook (I think my Wifi router died, but I can't check it out because it's in the baby's room [previously known as my office] and he's asleep). It's nice. Currently, it's my go-to listbuilder for messing around with build ideas. 

In a related note, you guys may have noticed I've done a little re-organizing of the extreme right sidebar links. Fab's site is on there now, so if you want an easy in to his Squadron Generator (he still has the Random Generator too), click on any of the links above, or hit the link in the right side bar. 

Merci, for the update, Fab! Peace out, man! 

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