23 September 2013

B-Wing Horizontal Orientation Conversion

While writing today's article, I got an email from Yeti who runs a blog called Sarcophagi

Dude! Hope you are well. Picked up the new B Wing, chopped it, drilled it, filed it, glued it, flew it. Screw it!

If that's not the coolest thing you've seen all day, then obviously you weren't at home babysitting your two boys all day, only leaving the house for a couple of hours to get the oil changed in your Scion xB. I mean look, the Kun Aguero goal against United is a close second, but that B-Wing mod is even hotter than that. Note he even changed the orientation of the cockpit! That's quality, y'all. 

Interested in how to pull it off yourself? Well, lucky for you our good pal has an in-depth step-by-step tutorial available on his blog so you don't have to make your head hurt figuring it out. 

Thanks again Yeti! Good lookin' out, bro!