19 August 2013

Some BIG News Out of GenCon!

Saturday evening, I'm basking in the afterglow of the post-Premier League opening day win (and an away win, no less) by my favorite club when I get an email from a Bikini Aficionado by the name of Lord Fancy Pants. 

Huge fan of your site! I stopped by Fantasy Flight today at GenCon, they had these on display...

The glare blocked out the card for the corvette, but it will also be released early next year, with a retail price of $89.95.


After picking my jaw up off the floor, I thanked him for sending me the pics and the info and asked if I could post his pics here at the bar. We emailed back and forth a few times and Lord Fancy Pants also informed me that while the GR-75 and the 'Vette won't be tournament legal, he said they'd be sold with new scenario packs. So kinda not Wave 4 per se, but more like an expansion was how he described it. 

First, I don't care if they're for tournaments or not- that's effin' cool, y'all. If you haven't already, click on those pics- Lord Fancy Pants took some pretty high res shots of them and they're totally worth drooling over. I also love that he framed the shot of the transport well to capture the relative size next to the X-Wing in the foreground- couldn't have done it better myself and I'm a pretty solid picture-taker, er photographer. These are some pretty big ships! 

Secondly, I haven't even looked around the net to see, but I'll guarantee you there's some basement dwellers crying about the scale. Do me a favor- tell them to stuff it. 

Look- as I said in one of my last posts on the FFG forums, the scale thing is really only important to FFG because they wanted it to be important. As Sean mentioned in the comments to his lengthily titled article and as I'm pretty sure as I've said on here before, ironically, the miniatures are actually the least important part of X-Wing Miniatures- you could take the ship off the peg and play the game without missing a beat. Somebody was going on about how FFG could never make a 'Vette because it'd be too big for a 3'x3' board on the FFG forums to which I replied the above; namely that scale doesn't matter one iota in this game from a mechanics perspective, and also it was entirely possible that the game might not stay 3'x3' and 100 points forever. As is typical with messageboards, my message was met with scorn, derision, and other random strawmen excuses and speculation. Now, I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but the point is this- this is FFG's game and they can do whatever they want with it

Oh sure, it has to pass the license approvals from Lucasfilm or Disney or whoever, but uh, well, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there's a lot of Star Wars SHIT out there, y'all. And by SHIT, I mean just that- SHIT. Not stuff, or lots of merchandise that I'm sort of collectively referring to as "shit", as in, you just dumped a bunch of spare car parts on the floor of my garage and went, "My God, look at all of this shit." No, friends, by "shit" I mean low-quality, junky, useless stuff. I mean for Christ's sake- there are friggin' Star Wars PEZ dispensers and have been for like 20 years (at least), do you really think somebody at Lucasfilm or Disney is going to pull out a calculator and say, "Sorry, FFG- at the 1/270th scale, a Corvette should be x inches long and this model you've submitted for us is clearly y inches long. Denied!" 

I don't think I've ever truly revealed my age on here, but I'm 39, y'all. For those of you who have difficulty with math, that means I was born in 1974, which more to the point means I grew up with the original trilogy. I not only had the hard plastic lightsabers you had to swing as hard as Barry Bonds to make a whistling noise (thus insuring a bruise on whoever the unlucky bastard being Chewbacca that day who accidentally stood within range of your wild swinging), to the O.G. inflatable lightsaber with the flashlight in the end of it. I had a friggin' Star Wars electric toothbrush in like 1979 or '80. The light switch in my room? Yup- R2-D2 light switch cover. I'm not talkin' some decorated replacement switch plate now- I'm talkin' about this big ass plastic R2-D2 that like went on over the switch plate you originally had installed and if you lined it up right, you moved one of those kinda square-shaped vent doo dads on the front of R2-D2 to turn your light on and off. All "official" items here- I'm not talking about some Jawa ashtray a friend made for you for your 23rd birthday or some unlicensed Alliance Firebird shirt on Etsy, this was for reals Star Wars stuff. 

Lest you think that little trip down memory lane was one of my trademark digressions, think again y'all- the point is this: all that stuff got approved. Phantom Menace Doritos? Approved. Yoda Underoos? Approved. Burger King glasses featuring artwork that resembled the Star Wars characters in only the vaguest of ways? Approved. That stuff? Just off the top of my head, by the way. 

So long story long, no, I don't think anybody cares whether or not the 'Vette is 100% to scale with the rest of the ships. Who knows, it may be, it may not. I know FFG got all defensive when somebody intimated that the HWK-290 wasn't to scale at the Star Wars Weekend deal they had back in May when they first confirmed the Wave 3 ships. All I'm saying is the same thing I said over on the FFG boards that time- if they, and by they I mean FFG, think there's a market for it, then they should sell it. As lots of people were talking about big ships on their boards, I made the observation they'd be silly not to sell us some big ships. 

And lo and behold, it looks as though they've done exactly that. And I for one, look forward to it. 

Like I've said about the HWK-290 and sort of obtusely, the Y-Wing and TIE Advanced, I want a reason to use all of these ships, but short of me finding the time to create themed scenarios, playtest them, revise, playtest again, then play, I kinda don't right now. Oh sure, I like to mix it up and all, but honestly, even though I own two Y-Wings, I'm pretty sure I've never actually flown both of them in the same list. Ditto for the TIE Advanced. 

I know, there's the User Created Content page over on BGG. I've read it. I've never posted anything from there because I didn't want to piss off the authors or get the reputation for stealing stuff and posting it here. Oh sure, I could email them and ask permission and all that, but usually by the time I'd get to that point, I'd just think of something else to write about and that'd be that. By the time I really started running out of ideas, I just kind of decided that I'd only ever publish when people contacted me instead of the other way around for a bunch of reasons I don't want to get into at the moment. 

In any case, the TL;DR version for you ADHD sufferers, big ships good, new scenarios good, haters eat crow, lols. 

Sorry if you were coming to read about the B-Wing. I swear I'll get to it tomorrow!

Thanks again to Lord Fancy Pants! You rock, pal!

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