08 August 2013

Community Service- Fab's Random Squadrons Generator

Two posts in one day after nothing for like two weeks? Yeah, I'll keep ya guessin' like that. 

You guys know how I love to talk about all the email I get, well I got an email back on Sunday went a little somethin' like this (hit it)- 


I created the X-wing miniatures Random Squadrons generator (also availale a manual mode). 
As your site provides a lot of information about the game, perhaps you can put a link to my tool. It is available at the following address : http://fabpsb.free.fr/If you don't know it, I let you discover it and if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.

For information, the goal of this generator is to help players to enter into the game and to have a way to speed up the squadron creation phase that could be long for new players.

I consistently improve it and I plan to do an update in the coming weeks in order to create a bridge between the two generation modes (random and manual) in order to generate a random squadrons and to tweak them in the manual mode for example.

First, as this is a .fr domain, I'm guessing English isn't the guy's first language, so respect for that. I only speak English with enough knowledge of Spanish to crack up drunk Honduran football supporters, a teensy bit of Japanese recently picked up on the job, and a very tiny amount of Russian and German. I damn sure don't know enough to code a bilingual list builder. Hell, I don't even know how to code in English to be honest- that's one of the reasons I just use Blogger to host TheMetalBikini.com. 

Anyhizzle, Fab made a pretty swanky random squadron generator/ list builder that's fairly configurable and runs very quickly in your browser. It also features full card text, pictures of the models in their boxes, and just enough options to allow you to tweak it to your own personal taste. Check it out if you have a chance, aficionados- it's good stuff! 

And merci for reading my blog and submitting your site, Fabrice. I've quadruple-checked how to spell your name, which means I'm hoping desperately that I got it right. I just hope your a Lyonnais or Marseille supporter and not PSCity, er, I mean, PSG. :) I was impressed to read about Lyonnais in Soccernomics and well, Joey Barton played for Marseille. What can I say? I was a Dennis Rodman fan too. Sometimes it's fun to root for the bad guy, y'know? 

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