17 July 2013

Product Review- Urban Lasercraft Token Set

You'll probably remember a few weeks back, Urban Lasercraft sent me a couple of sets of their super swanky X-Wing movement templates. Well, not long after that, Will sent me one of their token sets for review as well!

Most of what I said in that earlier review applies here still- they're made from translucent acrylic in several colors, the edges are nice, sharp, and clean, not jagged or fractured, and the shapes Will has chosen to cut these guys out in are unlikely to get broken (i.e., they're not strange shapes that will likely get broken as you use them. 

So what's the advantage to using these tokens over the stock set? 

Well, first, you're unlikely to get them mixed up with your opponent, obviously. I remember before I played in the Kessel Run, I took a black Sharpie marker and made some marks on my asteroids and tokens to try and identify what was my stuff. Now, I didn't spend like hours on it, but I'd guess I spent a good 20 or 30 minutes picking out my tokens and making little stripey edges on them to make them stand out. If you're rolling these guys out, obviously you won't have to worry about that. 

Another advantage I think you get using these guys is you can use Will's blue lightning bolt token (which is supposed to represent Ionization) to represent the "other" Actions, you know what I'm sayin'? Like declaring Marksmanship or using R2-F2. I usually have a hard time keeping track of those kinds of things because there's not really a token to represent them. Maybe you've come across a way of mitigating that problem, but I've always wished for a generic card-effect type token. 

Lastly, well, they just look cooler than the stock tokens. If you've ever used fiber optic sights on a gun, you know how those inserts collect the available light and sort of concentrate it on the ends so that they kinda look like they're glowing? Well, these guys, especially the lighter colors like the green and the orange, do basically the same thing which really makes them stand out on the table. As y'all recall, a lot of times when I play folks in-person (as opposed to over the net), I use a piece of black felt I've made as a starfield. Since the stock tokens use a lot of black in them, sometimes they get lost in the stars (especially if you've Sharpied the edges of them), so to speak. With Urban Lasercraft's tokens, that's MUCH less likely to happen. 

If you're interested, you can find Will's eBay page for the tokens here. Also note, Urban Lasercraft has some combined shipping and bundle deals if you've not ordered his movement templates and think you'll pick up a set or two of those as well. If you've got a buddy who wants one of the movement template sets and you're taking the other while also considering a token sets, dig on the following- 

If you order a token set and ANY template set, you'll get combined shipping (Request invoice since it has to be done outside the two listings) AND get 5 more tokens of any type FREE! You will notice that in the X-Wing Templates and Range Ruler auction, any order of TWO templates comes with a free mini token set of 3 Critical tokens, 3 Stress tokens, and 2 shield tokens. This means that if you order ONE Token Set, TWO Template sets you end up getting Two template sets and range rulers, SIXTY-EIGHT (68) Tokens (5 bonus per template set, 8 bonus for dual set) AND save on shipping and handling by having it all shipped together. That's an unbelievable value of $80 for all those tokens and templates. Join with a friend, get your whole club to participate!

Not a bad deal! 

Lastly, if you're still just not totally convinced about the tokens or templates not seeing them first-hand for yourself, Will mentioned to me in an email he's probably going to GenCon. I'll keep you posted on that. 

Thanks again for the tokens Will! Hope you sell a ton of them, man! 

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