08 July 2013

More Wave 3 Reveals- HWK-290, Part 3

Right on, so remember last week when we talked about Kyle Katarn on here? And how he was obviously, so much super kickass better than everyone else, you could throw their cards in the trash? 

You know I have a flair for the hyperbole, right? 

Still though... I kinda stand by that. 

Again- not saying you can't make Jan Ors, or Mr. Roark here work, just that Katarn's kinda obviously the better choice. 

That said, Mr. Roark isn't terrible. Boosting up another friendly to PS 12 at the start of the Combat Phase is nothing to sneeze at, not to mention it's on a 19 point ship. Sure, you're going to want to tool up that ship a little with upgrades, but it's still not bad, y'know? 

I think the main knock I have against him is that, unlike Katarn and Ors, he can't take Elite Pilot Skills. Which, I mean, I don't know that I was super-duper sold on any of them anyway, when paired up with a HWK-290, so maybe that statement's a little misleading. Well, that and he's... flying... A... HWK-290. 

The ability is kinda better than you think at first glance. First, you just pick a friendly at Range 1-3. It's not the closest or anything like that, you just pick any old ship at the start of the Combat Phase and poof! He's PS 12. 

Now, you might be thinking, "Yeah, but dude- it'd be better if he moved at PS 12 too!" 

Not really. Stop and think about this for a moment- with all your ships moving at their usual PS, the opponent either try to ignore/ deny or try and move every one of their ships like the opponent ship near them could possibly be the one that bumps to PS 12. That's tough. 

So I dunno, that in mind, maybe you'd be best served by trying to field as many friendlys (good mix of X-Wings, A-Wings, maybe a Y-Wing too- ain't nobody ever been ionized at PS 12 before) as possible along with Mr. Roark to try to get your opponent to tie himself in a knot anticipating who the recipient of the PS 12 will be, or against that first guy, maybe take a low-number, high-specialization type named ships (dude- a PS 12 Chewie Falcon with Draw Their Fire, perhaps) to really have the most impact in the Combat Phase. 

In either case, I think you run Roark pretty stripped down- maybe a Shield Upgrade. Maybe, maybe a Crew Member or Turret Weapon, but that's about it. You don't want to make him too tempting of a target. One that will hopefully be kind of dismissed as not having that much of an impact on the proceedings. 

Which is great, because a potentially different ship of your choice firing at PS 12 every Combat Phase obviously does have a significant impact on the proceedings. 

So there ya go. That's my take on it anyway- run him stripped down and with some friends. What am I missing here? There's usually at least one really interesting combo type thing with these ships, but I'm not feelin' it with Roark. Am I missing something? 

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