09 July 2013

Arts & (Space)Crafts- Flocky & Rebel's Falcon Engine Strip V3.0

You may remember a few weeks back an Australian gentlemen by the llamo of Flocky sent me the awesome idea of not painting the Falcon engine strip, but instead, printing out a light blue and white strip of photo paper, then cutting it to fit. 

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Flocky pushed me the final 3.0 version. 


The latest engine template is in. This is our version 3. Can you give a shout out to Dave "Blackwulf" The Rebel for all the hard work.
I can't take credit for this.
It fits like a glove if you cut it out exactly.
More than enough for anyone on one sheet.


Are these dudes collectively da man or what? I mean, the first two were cool, but that engine strip up there is the bizzle fo shizzle. Muy impressed fellas and thanks again for sending it to me to pass on the other bikini aficionados! 

Cheers back at ya!

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