13 June 2013

Sorry! We're (Temporarily) Closed.

Hey y'all, 

Apologies, but I need to close the bar for a couple of days. We had a death in the family today (well, yesterday by the time you read this), and I just can't quite get my head in the right place to write about X-Wing right now. I've been sitting here watching the good night baby programs I use to get my kids to fall asleep, and usually once I go into my head, I come up with something to talk about on here, but it's just not happening for me this evening; I'm just too distracted to focus. 

I don't need a ton of "Sorry, bro" comments, I'm not looking for sympathy, just wanted to offer some kind of explanation as to why I'll be taking the next couple of days off from TMB.com. 

I'll be back on Monday, probably with a new installment of "It Was a Dark and Boozy Night", hopefully with a whole bunch of game results if y'all dug it, or some of my usual witty banter about some other topic if y'all don't. Either way, it's all good. 



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