03 June 2013

My First BoLS Article!

A couple of weeks ago, Larry from BoLS asked me to write some X-Wing articles for him. We talked back and forth via email, then I got super busy with everything, then I finally got some time to write a couple of articles for him. 

I kinda come off as a dick, but that's ok. I wanted to choose a kind of confrontational tone to get people to read the article. :) Y'all know though, I don't swear I'm nice, I know I'm nice

To answer anybody's questions or whatever, I don't plan on stopping my work here on TheMetalBikini.com. I'll write an article a week for BoLS, which they'll decide to run or not. They'll largely be rewritten versions of articles I've already run on here. This site's my baby, man. I'm not going to give all the good stuff to BoLS first run, y'know? 

Anyway, thanks again for your support everyone! 

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