24 June 2013

More Wave 3 Reveals- Lambda Shuttle, Part 3

Originally, this wasn't really meant to be a multi-part set of articles, but I got really sidetracked on what became Part 1 and here's Part 2

Last of the named Imperial Shuttle pilots is the ubiquitious Captain Yorn. And by ubiquitous I mean... I don't know. I'm pretty sure that word doesn't mean what I thought it meant. In any case, here's this Captain Yorr fella. 

So, 24 points. Not bad for a PS 4 ship with 10 HP (Hull + Shield). Holy mackerel. Same price as a Red Squadron X-Wing, same PS... I can't wait to see the maneuver dial. I'll just leave it at that. 

All right- card text. Oh Captain, my captain says that when another friendly ship is Range 1-2 and would receive a Stress Token, The Good Captain can take it instead, assuming he has 2 or less Stress Tokens to begin with. Funny, with Kath Scarlet on the Gear Team, this guy seems like he'd see way more action on the Rebel side of the Mason-Dixon line, but whateva. 

Does that do any good? Think of some situations where it could help- any nearby pilot who can take Push The Limit basically doesn't have to worry about the downside of that card. Aaaand- oh! Anybody doing a K-Turn! 

Ok, so that's actually pretty nasty when I stop and think about it. 

I've talked about K-Turns on here a little before, generally I feel it's suited either to the super aggressive or the new player- losing your Action just to get an enemy in your sights I generally feel is too much to trade. In any case, this guy more or less makes me reverse the opinion now that's essentially a white maneuver for the (up to) two other pilots besides him. Note that this isn't an Action for Yorr, nor is there any timing confinement to the Activation or Shooting phases. 

Past that, he's the same as the other Shuttle pilots- he can take up to 2 Crew Members, secondary weapon systems symbolized by the funky raygun, and the new fangled System Upgrades. Maybe I'm missing it, but nothing jumps out to me as super-useful on Yorr. Again, what I mean by that is I don't see anything that meshes particularly and/ or uniquely well with his special card text, not that you shouldn't take any of the available upgrades to him. As he's likely to be a pretty high priority target for your opponent (or should be, in any case), I'd personally lead more towards defensive upgrades like Rebel Captive or good old Shield Upgrade. Maybe you could talk me into a Weapons Engineer on the notion that if you TLed a couple of ships, you could take Stress from other ships and yet still make use of the Target Locks. Yeah, you probably could talk me into that. Mainly though, he oughta be the support ship he's supposed to be. Of course, sometimes the best defense is a good offense, and all that. 

At some point, it's probably occurred to you that interaction between green maneuvers and Stress Tokens really makes a difference on this dude's effectiveness. Namely, if you do a green does it remove one Stress Token or all Stress Tokens? Well, depending on your faction, you'll be happy to know that in the rulebook towards the bottom of the left column on page 7 under the 4. Check Pilot Stress heading, we find that performing a green maneuver removes a single Stress Token from the ship. So there ya go. 

So what's my overall take on Captain Yorr? Kinda silly name aside (is it just me? It's not, right? Kinda sounds like a B-Movie monster or something. Definitely one of those monsters that like, is named for what it says- YYOOOORRRRRRRRR...), Yorr has a pretty solid special ability that doesn't rely on Pilot Skill or phases and is driving a pretty salty ship for 24 points. I'm down with that. 

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