17 June 2013

More Wave 3 Reveals!- Lambda Shuttle, Part 1

I figure most of y'all have already seen the new Wave 3 Reveals on the FFG site (I was notified by Bikini Aficionado Daniel Valenta back on Thursday via email), but now that we know much more than what we did previously, but still not quite enough for me to give her the full-on, traditional, TheMetalBikini.com breakdown treatment, we'd spend a little time today talking about the Lambda, her pilots, and some of her upgrade cards in light of the new info. 


Captain Kagi has the highest Pilot Skill of the named Lambda shuttle pilots and has a Biggsish special ability to pull Target Locks to himself instead of his pals. Note I said, "Biggsish"- it's not exactly like Biggs' ability, but it's kinda similar in that it forces the opposing player into changing his gameplan in regard to target priority when Kagi's floating around the board. 

So, again, I can't do a for reals breakdown yet since not all of the Wave 3 cards have been revealed, but I can tell you a couple of things that jump out at me. 

First off, note the way that text is worded- there's no Range associations like there is with Biggs' ability- just if somebody could lock onto you, they have to instead of another ship. Remember, this is a big base ship we're talking about here- think back to that picture I ran with the Falcon, Range ruler in that "Han Shoots First- Why Is It So Good?" article a little while back? 

So, that's basically the area you can have your ships flying around without having them Target Locked. Scary, huh? I'm sure there's much deeper strategy than this, but flying Kagi with a couple of named pilot Interceptors as wingmen seems even harder to shoot down than usual. 

Looking at the upgrades, you see perhaps a bit of why the ship is relatively cheap- no Elite Pilot Skills. Still though, two crew members, the funky raygun, and the System Upgrade icons shouldn't be dismissed. It just means you can't pack on Elusiveness or Draw Their Fire or whatever. 

So there's only been a couple of Systems Upgrade cards revealed, right? I wonder if any of those dovetail with Kagi? 

Sensor Jammer works pretty well with Kagi's ability. With all those Target Locks he's pulling, somebody's bound to snap off a torpedo or missile at him, right? Well, the long story short version of this is if your target doesn't have a Focus-type ability/ Action declared, you get to change a hit result to the eyeball. 

I confused myself on the original write-up of this paragraph, so let me put it more simply for hopefully both of our benefits, but if nothing else, at least my own. 

From the BBB-"The Combat Phase Explained!" article- 

3. Modify Attack Dice
This is where you can spend action tokens and resolve abilities that re-roll or otherwise modify attack dice results. I don't think it could happen in Wave 1, but in Wave 2, there are some defender abilities that resolve against the attack dice. If you're in a situation where both the attacker and defender have abilities that modify the attack dice, the defender resolves his modifications first, then the attacker resolves his.

So yeah, unless they've got a Focus-type ability kicked on, this actually does kind of neuter stuff as lots of people fire off shots with just a Target Lock instead of a Target Lock + Focus/ Marksmanship. The way this would go down is: 

1. Attacker rolls attack dice. 
2. Kagi changes 1 <filled explosion> to a <eyeball>
3. Attacker modifies results, but can't re-roll the die changed by Kagi due to card text on Sensor Jammer. 

Fire Control is a more offensive ship type System Upgrade, so I'm not immediately a fan of that on Kagi. As usual, not saying it can't work, just saying it doesn't work particularly well

Moving on to Crew Members, I don't see anything obviously beneficial between Kagi and the Wave 2 guys, but we have seen a few of the Wave 3 Crew Members.

If I'm the Rebel player going against a Kagi Lambda, I'd probably just bite the bullet and try to get him off the table as quickly as possible like I would with Biggs. This Rebel Captive card makes that a much less appealing option. Oh sure, you might have Tycho Celchu buzzing around in which case it's not that big of a deal, but if you don't, it does put a hitch in your giddy up

The 2-for-1 Focus Tokens from a Recon Specialist is going to help anybody able to take a Crew Member in post-release Wave 3, and it could help keep Kagi alive a little longer to offset that 1 Defense, so that's always an option too. 

There were a couple of other Crew Members revealed in this same FFG article too- 

Yup, ol' Annie himself is now available as a Crew Member. At first glance, it seems a fairly steep trade-off, but dig on the fact that it explicitly says, "Suffer 1 critical damage." Maybe I'm crazy, but to me, that goes through shields even. Note: I'm probably crazy. That said, it's still pretty doggone nasty. Would also work even if another ship in range of the intended target had Draw Their Fire. Still doesn't let you stick a crit to a Chewie Falcon or Determination though. It also wouldn't kill a Stealth Device if you're wondering. Also note that it doesn't say anything about that attack actually hitting the friggin' target. Hoo boy- that card's only 3 points? Thank God it's dotted.

I'm not nuts about him on Kagi, though because there's this guy- 

So that's pretty cool, right? Again, big base ship so that Range 1-2 is pretty significant really. Kinda pales in regard to Vader, but I think on Kagi, you might get more use out of Intelligence Agent. Especially if the other side is flying Han, Wedge, or some other high Pilot Skill pilot and you pair Kagi with- 

Blocking big ships with some dipshit Academy or Gray (Grey? I think it's Gray in X-Wing) isn't going to be quite as valid anymore. Yeah, admittedly, it's a modification, so you wouldn't be able to take the other usual suspect Mods (Stealth Device and Shield Upgrade, of course), but on a big ship with low Pilot Skill (read that first sentence closely), this 2-point modification could be a massive game-changer in the current meta (oh my God, y'all- remember that 3-ship Outer Rim Smuggler list I mentioned before? Holy friggin' mackerel!). Note again, we have a card that's doing direct damage- similar to the way Assault Missiles works, so defense rolls and Evade tokens need not apply!

Wow, so originally I was going to talk about all the different pilots for the Lambda, but that got a lot more in-depth than I'd planned. I'll talk about the other pilots tomorrow, and who knows, maybe even the next day if those articles go long too- they might, they might not. We'll just have to see. 

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