06 June 2013

Fire-Control System and Recon Specialist Leaked! UPDATE: Also Ten Numb and Captain Jonus

EDIT: Bikini Aficionado Michael Anderson emailed me shortly after I got to the office this morning informing me that a couple of the Wave 3 pilots had been leaked in the background of some pre-order pictures from an Australian online retailer. 

The images following the original post re: Fire-Control System and Recon Specialist are from a BGG thread you can find here. I could be mistaken, but it appears that it's Michael's thread on BGG as well, so thanks for the catch Mike! Good on ya!  

Back before Regionals, when I was writing about some of the more popular 100-points lists, I was doing a bunch of reading here and there collecting info on what was winning tournaments versus what was just popular, and I ran across people talking about two Wave 3 cards, Recon Specialist and Fire Control System, like they knew what they did in-game. 

At the time, I chalked it up to someone really squinting and making some assumptions, then promptly forgot about the whole thing as I worked on my Regionals articles. 

Well, earlier this evening I was trying to think of something to write about for today's update and something made me think about those cards again. With a little Googling, I came up with a thread on AFM that lead to a thread on BGG

So without further aideu, and apologies if I'm the only one here who hasn't seen these- the last few weeks have been hectic getting my feet on the ground at the new job, here ya go- 

So what do y'all think? I'm more interested in Recon Specialist as it's a Crew Member, and could be used in either the Falcon or Slave I (and of course the HWK-290 and Imperial Shuttle) where Fire-Control System is a System Upgrade. (see the little radar dish symbol?) and would only go on the B-Wing or Shuttle. 

Stick Recon Specialist on Trelix- good Lord, would he ever miss? 

In general, it makes big ships with crew even more survivable, which is kinda debatable that they needed any help with that- you can use one Focus on offense and one on defense every turn with this card. Not bad for 3 points, y'know? 

It also makes the HWK-290 more viable as it has a Crew Member slot to help make up for the 1 Shield and 4 hull. Best way to mitigate those statistical shortcomings is to just never take hits to start with, amirite? Always having at least one Focus for defense? That's not bad. 

Of course, it meshes well with Katarn's card text too, providing him with Garven Dreis functionality without the limitation of actually having to spend the token to pass it along to a buddy. It also happens at a more predictable time (start of Combat Phase), which makes it that much more reliable. Which is good, because the HWK-290 is perhaps the least likely ship to be purchased in Wave 3. Everybody wanted a B-Wing, Shuttle, and TIE Bomber to begin with anyway. 

Fire Control System seems pretty awesome at a glance. All it says is you have to attack- you don't have to hit, just attack. That's pretty sweet. So you can throw some lead out there at somebody on the edge of Range 3, then after you close some more the next turn, you've got a pre-existing Target Lock to couple up with a Focus or whatever. Not knowing the rest of the System Upgrade cards it's hard to say at this point where Fire-Control System is in the food chain, but it seems straightforward in its use, is reasonable in cost, and ought to go well on any B-Wing. Probably the Shuttle too, but as the Shuttle can take Crew Members, there's a lot more options there to consider synergy with, so its System Upgrades will likely depend on several different factors, all of which I'd assume will be pretty contextual based on other upgrades and the role you want the ship to provide in-game. 

Of course, we don't really know any of the named B-Wing pilot abilities, so who knows- FCS might be the go-to System Upgrade, it might not. We'll just have to wait and see! 

I'll let y'all do the squinting- I gotta get back to work. I will update that Wave 3 Consolidation Post I have going late tonight with all this new info though! 

Thanks again Mike!

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