05 June 2013

Anonymous Bikini Aficionado's "Biggs, Wedge- Let's Close It Up" Scenario

EDIT: Pics added below!

As Regionals season draws to a close and I think we're all getting a little tired of 100-point dogfights, I thought it'd be fun to talk scenarios a little more on TheMetalBikini.com.

With that in mind, it was serendipitous (is that a word?) that I received this in my inbox this past Friday.

Here is a what I think is a great little 100 point game for friends.
I call it "Biggs, Wedge lets close it up."

Luke X-wing with R2-D2 and Elusiveness: 34 points.
Biggs with R2-F2 and Stealth Device: 31 points.
Wedge with R5-D8 and Marksmanship: 35 points.

Versus the Imperial All Stars

Howlrunner: 18 points.
Mauler Mithel with Push The Limit: 20 points.
Backstabber: 16 points.
Dark Curse: 16 points.
Winged Gundark: 15 points.
Night Beast: 15 points.

Havent tried it yet as my games are few and far between.

Also to add some twist to the standard game you get the asteroids to move in a random direction 1m. I have custom asteroids (lava rocks) with bases with the numbers 1-6 on the base.
Do this after everyone has selected their movement for the round but before they move.
To get the asteroids to move you roll a standard D6 and it goes in the direction according to the numer you put on the base of the asteroid.
If the asteroid goes off the board it is gone and no longer in play.

Its like playing in a living asteroid field like in TESB. TIE fighters beware.

Whaddaya think, y'all? Seems fun to me. I love the lava rocks asteroid idea too. Ben and I talked about a similar idea awhile back, but I never took the time to make them. The only difference between Anon's idea and mine was I was going to use the extra asteroid templates from my 2nd Core Set as the bases for the lava rocks. That way you'd still be able to play "legal" games with them as you'd get the cool visual from the lava rocks, but retain the game functionality of using the asteroids templates for determining overlaps and stuff. Stick them on a nail, acrylic rod, etc. to get the rock an inch or so up above the template for easy access, put your numbers on there for the random movement purposes, and you're good to go!

EDIT: Anon mailed me this morning and clarified that he actually did build his lava rocks on top of a custom-cut base that reflects the size and shape of the asteroid templates included in the Core Set. Check it out! 

He's also graciously offered to write up a tutorial for us on how to make them, which I'll hopefully be posting in the near future.