04 May 2013

What a Crazy Effin' Day

The following images are the result of entering "Crazy day" as a search term on Google. 

This is hilariously lame to me. You probably don't agree. This likely falls under the kitsch/ apropos thing. 

What a crazy day it's been today! We had the Wave 3 miniature reveal, then we had the leaked card information, then one of my dogs ate most of a container of playdoh my folks and my oldest left out on the Little Tikes table in the living room, which she's been throwing up ever since. 

This we probably agree on- hilarious; no explanation necessary.

All the while, we had tons and tons of traffic (beat the old single-day record by 2x and then some), interesting comments, and maybe the best third-hand coverage out there, if I do say so myself. I hope y'all enjoyed the ride and cheers to those of you who pitched in the links to the Wave 3 pictures. 

Apparently schools have "Crazy Day" now. No wonder this country's in the goddamn shitter.
That's hyperbole-laced sarcasm- also funny to me.

Between the news coming out, the subsequent articles I was writing in response, and the dog puke, I managed to put together a little TheMetalBikini.com store. A few of you have suggested in emails over the past few months, some way to contribute to the site (read: give me money). I've never been a fan of contribute buttons- I'm not mad at them, it's just not something I've ever wanted on here. That said, despite what my Red Army shirt would have you believe, I'm not opposed to making a couple of bucks from some cool shirts featuring the super cool, new, and slightly different TheMetalBikini.com logo. 

Buy something or Percy will use his do-as-I-say whistle and make you buy something.

So that's it. It's been a long day and I still need to get my youngest to bed. My oldest (again, he'll be three in a couple of weeks) had the line of the day earlier while watching the dog throw up for about the 37th time, he told me, "If I was a dog, I'd throw up on the floor too." 

Truer words, dear readers. Truer words. 

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