04 May 2013

Wave 3 Ship Roundup!

In my previous article, I threw out the link to the Common Grounds website with pics of the new ships. As the day has gone on though, more pics have been turning up- we've now got some idea of the stats and stuff. Additionally, Matthew Hipkin has just mentioned in the comments that there's a Flickr stream with a lot more pics of the ships available. 

Two of the named pilots for the HWK-290 have been revealed with the following info: 

Jan Ors (25)
Pilot Skill: 8
Attack: 1
Agility: 2
Hull: 4
Shield: 1
Action Bar: Focus, Target Lock
Upgrade Icons: Elite Pilot Skills, Turret, Crew
Card Text: When another friendly ship at Range 1-3 is attacking, if you have no stress tokens, you may receive 1 stress token to allow that ship to roll 1 additional attack die. 

Roark Garnet (19)
Pilot Skill: 4
Attack: 1 
Rest of stats obscured in photo
Action Bar: Focus, Target Lock
Upgrade Icons: Partially obscured, Turret, Crew
Card Text: At the start of the combat phase (choose) 1 other friendly ship at Range obscured Until the end of the phase, treat obscured's pilot skill value as 12. 

Wow, so I kinda buy that the HWK-290 is a small-base ship because it's stats are somewhat similar to a Y-Wing, really. It can take a crew member though, so that does make it kind of interesting. Wonder if a laser turret will be added in Wave 3 or it'll be stocking the Ion Cannon Turret? 

Also, it's shockingly cheap, innit? I mean, Garnet's ability is sorta like Veteran Instincts+ and it's still only 19 points. A lot of folks, me included, were hoping for a Z-95 Headhunter to provide a cheap swarmy-type option for Rebels, it would appear the HWK is going to fill that bill. It's way customizable, which is going to make things pretty interesting as time goes on.

Colonel Jendon (26)
Attack: 3
Agility: 1
Hull: 5
Shield: 5
Action Bar: Focus, Target Lock
Upgrade Icons: Dish Array type thing, funky raygun symbol (Slave 1 Secondary symbol), 2 Crew
Card Text: At the start of the Combat Phase, you may assign one of your blue target lock tokens to a friendly ship at Range 1 if it does not have a blue target lock token. 

For people saying the Lambda was going to be support only, not a chance. Look at the stats on that thing- Attack 3? Hull and Shield of 5? It's close to another Slave I for the Imperials, complete with the raygun symbol that will allow for a Heavy Laser Cannon and even a couple of crew members. 

After that, we have a picture of ship upgrade with the dish array symbol. It's called Advanced Sensors and costs 3 points. It's card text says, "Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform 1 free action. If you use this ability, you must skip your "Perform Action" step this round." 

Last (for now, at least), there are two sample squadrons featuring some Wave 3 ships. The first is an Imperial squadron- 

Jendon  (26) 
w/ ST-321 (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Ion Cannon (3)

Scimitar Squadron Bomber Pilot (22)
w/ Cluster Missiles (4), Assault Missiles (5)

The last two ships in the squadron are Interceptors. 

So break that down for a second- couple of interesting things. First, the Lambda has a title available to it, apparently. It must be fairly interesting since it costs 3 points. Secondly, the Bomber can at least stock 2 tubes worth of missiles. 

The Rebel Squadron breaks down like this- 

Kyle Katarn (21)
w/ Ion Cannon Turret (5), Recon Specialist (3), Moldy Crow (3)

Nova Squadron Pilot B-Wing (24)
w/ Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6), Proton Torpedoes (4), Fire Control System (2)

The second B-Wing is the same except it isn't stocking regular PTs. 

Breaking that down, it appears you can take a ship title with the HWK-290. Nerds everywhere will rejoice that they can fly Katarn in the Moldy Crow. 

Similar to the Bombers, the B-Wing can stock two tubes worth of Torpedoes. Wonder what the Advanced PTs do that make them 50% more expensive? Fire Control System also sounds intriguing... 

So there ya go. What'd I miss? 

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