14 May 2013

Wave 3 Pre-Orders Up!

I fully intended to post this over the weekend and time just got away from me. 

From Bikini Aficionado Donovon Bodine

Here is a heads up.

Yup, Miniatures Market is taking pre-orders for Wave 3 ships. 

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I don't pre-order much of anything anymore, and I've read some horror stories out there about people still waiting on pre-ordered Wave 2 ships in countries outside North America, but if you don't mind plunking down a few bucks on some ships in hopes of actually getting them before they inevitably sell out, follow the link above and get hooked up. 

Don't read too much into what I said there- I've heard nothing but good things about Miniatures Market. I'm not intimating that they're the reason people are still waiting for Wave 2 ships or anything crazy like that. This is just me passing along info that there is at least one online retailer taking pre-orders for Wave 3. That's it. Well, that and I probably won't pre-order, but that's neither here nor there, obviously. 

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