27 May 2013

Today's Non-Update

Today's non-update has more to do with the fact that many of us here in the States are off-work today due to it being the federal holiday, Memorial Day, and less the fact that I was up until 1am playing Android: Netrunner (brilliant, brilliant game, by the way) with BC over Hangout. Well, that's my story anyway. :)

Ostensibly, this is a day where we remember those brave souls who lost their lives in the service of this country's military. Now, personal feelings about the motivation behind our entry into various wars, conflicts, intervening actions, and whatever other terms we use to describe battle these days aside, take a sec today to pause and remember your friends, relatives, or loved ones who gave everything for their country and be happy you're one of the folks still walking around above ground. 

As my Regional is coming up this Saturday (1 June), I was going to cover some of the more popular lists the next few days. Do you guys want me to give it the "Weird Al" treatment like I did Han Shoots First or do you want me to just talk about it like a normal person? You know which one I'm leaning towards, but again- sometimes I don't have a good barometer for when humor gets in the way of usefulness or clarity, and well, at the end of the day, it's a little less work for me to just write rather than write a song. 

So enjoy your Memorial Day you Yanks, and all of  y'all let me know your thoughts on the popular lists thing in the comments. 


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