09 May 2013

New X-Wing Game Night Kits Announced!

Just dropped by the X-Wing section of the FFG site, apparently this went up yesterday. 

So what's in the kit? 

Each Season Two 2013 X-Wing Game Night Kit comes with materials built to support your local players through their cinematic space combats: Please note: The alternative art cards in this kit are produced through FFG's Print on Demand process, and as such, they may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.
  • Fifteen acrylic shield tokens
  • An awesome medal for the overall winner
  • Two alternative art Wedge Antilles cards and seventeen alternative art TIE Fighter Pilot cards (specific pilot to be announced)
  • A promotional poster showing a TIE advanced engaged in battle
  • An informative pamphlet with information on running your Game Night.
They're available for pre-order it looks like, if you're interested. 

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