05 May 2013

More Wave 3 Pics and Info!

Good Lord, just when I thought I was going to be able to call it a night...

From... FFG itself this time.

 As other folks have confirmed, the HWK, Bomber, and B-Wing are all small bases, the Lambda is big base. 

Man that seems like a lot of Shields and Hull for 27 points. Wonder what the movement dial looks like for one of these guys? 

Everybody's favorite latent jedi, Kyle Katarn. 

Right, right. Nothin' metashaking so far, right?

 Ha, ha- cool. The B-Wing does have Barrel Roll! Two torpedo tubes, nice. Hey! It can pack a HLC or an Ion Cannon! Did I call that or what? I said that in a thread on the FFG boards awhile back. Sensor dish icon too.  Again, wonder what the dial looks like for this guy. Pretty similar to a Y-Wing stats-wise and seemingly, points-wise.

Wow, six Hull? Ok, cool. Helps make up for the Target Lock for Evade trade-off. Still, only rolling 2 green dice is gonna mess Imperial players up for a little while, I bet. 2x Missiles, 2x Torps. Whoooeee. And what's that on the right end there, is that a bomb icon? 

Wonder if anyone noticed there's some links in that text... 

Whoa! Five dice and you can change three blanks to eyeballs?!?!?! Range 1 only? Dang! Guess we know why Slave I has a torpedo icon now, huh? Imagine sticking that card on a Trelix Slave I... you gonna hurt somebody real bad. 

Ah, so here's one of those radar dish cards. FFG says that's a "System Upgrade" symbol. Interesting card- seems expensive, but that effect is always on it looks like, no Action or roll to activate. 

Holy mackerel- at a glance, that seems really nasty! Waitaminute... that's a Crew Member symbol, you're tellin' me I can put that on a Firespray too? Hoo boy. 

Oh snap! Auto crit at Range 1! 

Tomorrow, when I get some time, I'll consolidate all of today's craziness into one summary post. For now though, I'ma hit the sack. Good times! Catch y'all tomorrow!

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