16 May 2013

Common Ships- Rebel Alliance YT-1300

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Rebel Alliance YT-1300 (27)
Common Pilots: Outer Rim Smuggler
Attack: 2
Evade: 1
Hull: 6
Shields: 4
Stock Actions: Focus, Target Lock
Breakdown: Ok, so the common Firespray seems to be pretty well represented on the tournament scene, so what about the Rebel version- the Outer Rim Smuggler YT-1300?

Ehhh, not so much, no.

Why not? Similar stats, big ship, even cheaper than the Bounty Hunter Firespray, so what's the problem?

The upgrade bar. Simple as.

Look at that thing- two Crew Members? That's it? Seriously? Two measly-ass Crew Members? I mean, not since Horton Salm was denied access to Elite Pilot Skills at Pilot Skill 8 have I been so offended at the lack of options for a ship.

As a PS 1 ship, I wasn't really expecting Elite Pilot Skills, but good Lord, at least some Missiles, huh fellas? Would've been nice. I'm just saying.

Ok, ok, complaining aside, let's try to find a silver lining here- we've talked about what sucks, and that's pretty significant to be sure, are there any redeeming qualities about the Outer Rim Smuggler?

Price. Just 27 points. The price is pretty amazing for a ship with 10 hit points (hull + shields). I mean, it's cheaper than Luke Skywalker, X-Wing Pilot for goodness' sake. Now, I don't know how crazy you are about buying 3 YT-1300's, but theoretically, you could fly three of them in a 100-point match and still have a whooping 19 points left over! That's a hair more than 6 points per ship for Mods or Crew Members.

But it only has an Attack of 2 and an Agility 1, I hear you say. It's true. This ship doesn't have the canon ship mods the Millennium Falcon does obviously, but again- it's sooooo much cheaper than the other YT pilots.

Working under the six points for upgrades assumption, let's look at what we can achieve with the few upgrades available to us.

First, I'm not nuts about Mercenary Copilot in this kind of setup. Your two Primary Weapon dice at Range 3 to trigger the Mercenary Copilot will always generate an extra Defense die for your opponent to roll. Not worth it in my opinion. Nah, what I think you need to do most here is maximize the potential on those two Attack dice. You may be limited in the amount of damage you can realistically do, but if you can always score two hits, I think that's worth the points investment. So Gunner? Sure. Crew Member Luke? Ummmm, yeah, ok. I could be talked into that, but full disclosure, it is 7 points. 

Now, if you paid attention, you remember I said you're left with 19 points earlier, so you could do 6 points on ORS 1, 6 points on ORS 2, then Crew Member Luke on ORS 3 and still be legal.

So what Crew Members are left? Weapons Engineer? I could see that. Again, to me he falls under trying to do whatever you can to maximize that meager Attack value and every little bit helps. Nien Nunb? A couple extra green maneuvers for a point? Ah, why not? I guess I can get on board with that. Crew Member Chewbacca? Heck yeah, why not? Like I said in his article, Chewie is basically a Shield Upgrade for the same cost, but you get to decide when to activate it. Of course, you're going to wait until somebody either hits you for your last hull point, oooooor, when you get dinged with a critical to trigger him- remember a critical is still a Damage card, it just happens to be a face up Damage card. 

All four Modifications are available on a YT-1300, and I have my usual take on them. For any YT-1300 I think you invest in the Shield Upgrade rather than Stealth Device. You're sure to get it blown off and as you don't really have any good Range 3 weapon options, I can't see any justification for Stealth Device here. A case could be made for Engine Upgrade simply because I think so few people have ever faced a Boosting YT-1300, I don't think many people would expect it, let alone know how to deal with it. That said, if you haven't played a bunch of games with a Boosting YT-1300, well, it's the same points as Shield Upgrade. I'll just leave it at that. Strange as it may seem, don't forget the Falcon Title is available to an Outer Rim Smuggler, and adding Evade to your Action Bar for only a point is always worth it.

I don't usually do sample lists on here, and I apologize in advance if I've somehow overlooked the internet's love for a 3-ship Outer Rim Smuggler as I don't recall ever seeing one talked about before, but just to see what we can come up with... 

That, my friends, is a pain in the ass. Straight up. With the Shield Upgrades and Chewie, you've got 33 hit points in that list (yeah, there are ways to get more hit points than 33, but unless I'm doing my math wrong, or saying perhaps the dumbest things I've said today significant numbers of pretty generic Y-Wings have to be used). Look closely at those point totals too- you could lose one of the first two ships and still not automatically trigger a modified win for your opponent. 

It certainly wouldn't be the easiest list to fly ever, and of course not everyone has three YT-1300s lying around, but if you do, or you have a couple of friends who would loan you their YTs (or let you proxy), I'd love to hear how this list runs. 

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